“Grab this world by its clothespins, and shake it out again and again. And hop on top and take it for a spin. And when you hop off, shake it again. For this is yours.”

– Anis Mojgani, Songs From Under the River


A zipper in BDSM is a series of clothespins along a length of yarn or string that can be placed on different parts of a person’s body, then pulled off to create a variety of sensations. The removal often makes a sound reminiscent of zippers, hence the name.

The Fetish

Having a fetish with zipper play involves using groups of clothespins, or items that perform a similar function and having them clipped to different parts of your body. When the clothespins are removed from your body it will produce a different range of sensations as the pinching is removed and blood is allowed to flow freely to the space that was pinned. This fetish can involve restraints, or not, and is often implemented with other fetishes at the same time. Clothespins can be put over the tops of different outfits, or directly on the skin, and specialty ones can be used to gauge the tension involved in the pinching of skin. The dominant player could also have their sub wander around with them while clothespins or a zipper are attached to them, slowly releasing different clothespins, and possibly putting others in different places.

What To Do

If you have a budding curiosity in using a zipper or multiple clothespins, you can pursue it on your own at first to see what the sensation feels like and where you find the most enjoyable placement. There are a number of adult films that will involve “Zipper” play, and sexual intercourse is often included with the putting on, and removal, of clothespins. There will be plenty of online resources and groups where you’ll be able to discuss your love of “Zipper” play, and you’ll definitely be able to find other willing partners to participate with you. Some variation of clothespins has existed for a long time, and that means this fetish has been around for a long time as well. If a partner is into nipple clamps at all, then convincing them to use clothespins won’t be that much of a stretch.

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“Until one has loved an animal a part of one’s soul remains unawakened.”

-Anatole France


Zoophilia in this context is when a person enjoys dressing up like an animal and having sex while dressed up as an animal, or when the person in question has a romantic attraction towards animals.

The Fetish

Not to be confused with furries, this kink is based more on realistic costumery to make an individual look like an actual animal. The zoophilia fetish often involves all parties participating in the sexual act being dressed like animals. This is not to be directly confused with bestiality, because it most often involves just the act of humans dressed up more realistically as animals, although it can sometimes involve a romantic attraction towards animals themselves. Being clear about the legality of this fetish is absolutely necessary, because erotic play with actual animals is not legal in most places, and is an infringement on a creature’s right to make decisions.

What To Do

With the amount of incredibly realistic costumes and animal furs available, it should be easy to find the specific costume to suit your specific animalistic desires. To find others interested in similar types of play, you may want to look into primal play sites or forums, to see if you can find animal costumed enthusiasts that would enjoy some erotic time with you.
There are plenty of costume creators available online that make very realistic costumes, and some will even involve the use of real animal fur in their creations. If you want that extra sense of realism and aren’t ethically opposed to real fur, you should definitely explore the hyper real costume makers out there and see what they can tailor to your exact needs. Unleashing the passionate beast will feel even more satisfying if your attire matches your actual desires more closely.

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“The past is gone but something might be found
To take its place…hey jealousy”

-Gin Blossoms


Zelophilia is sexual arousal from feeling jealous. Jealousy is known as a love killer because it is considered a negative emotion. But someone with a zelophilia fetish gets aroused when they get jealous. Some might think that this means they are not getting jealous, but this is not true. The person is indeed having intense feelings of jealousy but instead of that coming out in anger it comes out as sexual arousal.

Zelophilia In A Relationship

Jealousy can be a very powerful emotion. There are countless books, movies and TV shows that have a storyline of someone getting jealous and then lashing out. A person who is aroused by jealousy might be interested in engaging in roleplaying with their partner, with situations where the partner flirts with other people until they feel jealous and then they have a rendezvous together.

Tread Lightly with Jealousy

The previously described roleplay is an example of a healthy outcome when engaging with zelophilia. An unhealthy outcome could result in first lashing out angrily before pursuing sex or, in the worst case scenario, lashing out and pursuing non-consensual sex. Zelophilia can be a potentially dangerous fetish. For people who have a hard time keeping a healthy balance it can be treated with therapy. As long as the zelophiliac can keep a healthy balance with their jealousy and arousal, this can be a fun way to roleplay and keep things fresh with their partners.

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“The woman is the most perfect doll I have dressed with delight and admiration”

-Karl Lagerfeld


A zentai suit is usually made of Lycra or spandex and it covers the whole entire body from head to toe. This is a hard fetish for some to understand because it is not about bondage, since you can usually see through the thin Lycra material even if it is covering your face, and the suits usually have gloves for your hands and booties for your feet. For many the zentai suit fetish is all about objectification, because when you are covered fully with a brightly covered garment, which has openings in key locations to provide easy access to the holes of your new generic playmate, they become nothing more than the holes you care about the most. Done properly, zentai gives a submissive the opportunity to emotionally vacate the room so that their mind is elsewhere and all that is left is their physical self at the complete discretion of their Dom.

Complete Anonymity

In Japan, where the zentai suit originated, people enjoy wearing them out and doing silly acts in public with complete anonymity. In other places, they have taken on a more sexual tone and many people enjoy like the anonymity that they provide. For others the anonymity is sexy more because it shows every single curve of the body, while showing none of the skin. In Victorian times a glimpse of ankle was something shocking, and Zentai suits might have this same appeal. It shows off everything that we hardly ever see these days, while still keeping it under wraps.

Spandex Fetish

Some who enjoy zentai suits simply have a spandex fetish and get off from being encased in the material. This is similar to those who have a nylon or stocking fetish who try to cover themselves up in the materials as much as possible. Even if you don’t have a specific fetish for anonymity or spandex, introducing this unique garment into your sex life can be really fun if you’ve been looking for an easy way to spice things up, since the suits are easy to find online in any shape and color.

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