Transformation Fetish

“Teach him to mess with a man and his mannequin.”

-Mannequin, The Movie


Someone has a transformation fetish when they are sexually aroused by the description or actual transformation of a person into something else. The community of transformation fetishists are known as the TF community or TF fans. This term can also reference non-sexual interest in transformation. Though there are BDSM related TF fans, the transformation fetish is not necessarily centered around BDSM. 

The Transformations

The transformation fetish is varied when it comes to what people transform into. Dollification is a popular transformation fetish, but transformations can include transforming into animals, into supernatural beings, or a more elaborate roleplay where someone is cursed with a spell. The transformation can even be a Jekyll and Hyde type of transformation, where it is more of a character or personality shift rather than a physical transformation.  The transformations can be to get older or younger, age regression or age progression, or a way to engage with gender fluidity. 

In the Movies

We see transformations in the movies all the time – look at the wave of vampire, zombie, and supernatural movies that have come out en masse since the early 2000’s.  The most obvious transformation fetish movie was the move Mannequin. In 1987, the movie Mannequin came out, where a mannequin would come to life at night but only to one person. He fell in love with her and everyone thought he was crazy until she turned into a real person. It is like the romantic sexual version of Pinnochio or the Velveteen Rabbit. And what is the most popular transformation fetish holiday? Halloween, of course.

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“Cut the ending. Revise the script. The man of her dreams is a girl.”

-Julie Ann Peters


Tribbing is something that can only happen between two people with pussies. It is defined as two girls rubbing their pussies together, but in a different way than scissoring which is what people always talk about when they talk about lesbians. Basically one girl lies on top of the other one, and they hump each other to stimulate their pussies with sexual effort. It is hot to watch and it is a lot of fun to do for the girls themselves.

Tribbing Tips

Most people suggest that tribbing feels better when both girls have shaved their pussies, because it allows more sensation to pass through. Since you might get wet and hot when you try tribbing, make sure you and your partner have talked about your testing status beforehand since fluid exchange can occur. Other tips include trying different positions and orientations until you find the one that feels the best for both pussies involved in the hotness. Many people can actually come this way, but some girls need more direct stimulation.

Tribbing Origins

The term tribbing sounds like something that might be from another planet, but the word actually comes from the term tribadism, which has its origins in the Greek word, tribas. This is a term that means a woman who has sex with herself or another girl, so it’s clear why they chose this one! Back in Greek and Roman times, they didn’t believe women could be into each other because they thought same sex attraction required a cock, so they used to imagine that lesbians has clits big enough to be cocks. That’s why they rubbed them together! Since then, tribadism has been the primary way to describe lesbians throughout history until fairly recently in comparison.

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“A cup of tea would restore my normality.”

-Douglas Adams


Teabagging is a sex act that is pretty fun and easy to do. Basically, it happens when a guy puts his balls into the mouth of his sex partner, usually as part of a blowjob. It is an act that is often seen as somewhat humiliating or degrading, but sucking on the balls can just be a usual part of sexual play! It gets it’s name because it looks like what you do when you are making a cup of tea and you dip the bag in and out of the cup of hot steaming water.

Always Use The Full Sack

Teabagging is awesome because the scrotum and balls of a guy are areas that are too often neglected during sex. If you want your partner to suck your balls, you might try shaving the hair off of them because that will make it a more pleasant experience for the person using their mouth on you, and they might be more eager to do it again. To try it, use a few different techniques and find out which ones your partner likes. You can suck on the skin, try putting a whole ball in your mouth, or lick them. There are lots of ways to have fun with testicles, and every sack is unique. That’s a big part of the allure.

In Video Games

Tea bagging has become a large part of video game culture. When someone pwns or dominates someone else in a live online game, they often mimic the act of teabagging with their virtual characters. It’s not really seen as something nice to do, but people do it all the same. Whenever you see a character squatting over someone else’s character after an in game death, they are teabagging their enemy, which is also sometimes referred to as giving them an asshat. It’s not really considered good sportsmanship, but having your enemy lick every wrinkle out of your sack is often a fun celebration when your enemy has been annoying you earlier in the game.

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“The feeling of being alive and at One with everything is available through Tantra.”

-Philip Smith


Tantra is the ancient Indian art of sexuality. It is where the infamous book the Kama Sutra originated which people still look at today to find out what sex positions are best. It was developed around the year 500 and people still turn to it today to get the most out of their sex lives if they have been looking for something new that also includes a bit of spirituality. It is mostly thought of as a practice that leads to enhanced pleasure and even emotional connection between two people in its modern form.

Trying Tantric Sex

If you are interested in learning more about tantra it is best to go to a local group, club or getting a book. There is a lot of information to take in and it is often best to learn from someone who is like a guru, who can help you connect to the energy you desire. The main focus of tantric sex is prolonging the pleasure of the experience, because that is where the energy forms that connects two people together. Some advanced tantric players do not cum for prolonged periods of time, although that is not always how people do things.

The Players

Female professional tantric practitioners are often called Tantrikas. They are people who have studied the art of tantra, probably in India, and they meet with people professionally to help them connect with their inner energy and improve their sex lives. Another term for this type of person is a Dakini. A male who is a tantric practitioner is known as a Daka. These are people who consider themselves able to even transform the different types of energy flowing through the body into sexual energy in the best possible way!

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Tranny Chaser

“All men are liars, said Roberta Muldoon, who knew this was true because she had once been a man.”

-John Irving


A tranny chaser is a guy or girl who really likes to date trans people. Some trans people think this is a bad thing, but other trannies don’t even care and they are appreciative that there are people who appreciate them so much. Most usually the term refers to a guy who is generally straight who really likes trans women, especially ones who still have their cocks and have not undergone gender reassignment surgery. However, there can also be women who prefer to date trans men, though they are not always referred to as tranny chasers, since that refers to a certain set of activities for the most part.

Be Respectful

If you find that you do have a fetish for transgender women, the important thing to remember is that trans people are not a fetish – they are people just like you and me and they deserve to be treated with respect. Even if it titillates you to see what goes on under their skirt, it’s really not polite to ask about the state of a trans cock or pussy, and it’s also not good to ask about their life before they decided to transition into becoming a woman. Some trannies abhor tranny chasers, but others don’t mind. The best way to find ones who will like you is to go on websites that are specifically for those who enjoy it.

Gay or Straight

Tranny chasers are not gay or even bisexual really; they are really straight guys who love women so much that they don’t care whether or not they have a cock or a pussy. Perhaps they would have been gay but they have been socialized to think that being gay is bad, or maybe they love their own cock so much they think that the perfect woman would have a dick just like them. Whatever the reason, loving trannies doesn’t make you gay, unless you consider yourself to be of that persuasion!

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Triple Penetration

“One’s too few, three too many.”

-John Ray


When you have a girl who is an insatiable slut who wants all of her holes filled at the same time, it’s likely that triple penetration will occur, if there are three guys around who will put their cocks inside of her at the same time. It is usually considered triple penetration when one goes in her mouth, her pussy and her ass, but any combination of three dicks would be OK. This includes variations on double penetration, double anal and double vaginal in which two might be in her pussy and one might be in her ass, etcetera. The girls who like this have really elastic holes and they enjoy showing what is possible for the human body to achieve.

Reality VS. Fantasy

3P or Triple Penetration is often a fantasy that some real slutty girls have. They may not have much experience with threesomes or hole stretching activities. If you set up a threesome with that many people involved where it might be possible, then you should be prepared for disappointment. First of all, it does take some practice for the holes to get stretched out to that far point, so if she hasn’t been practicing, it might not happen. Second of all, you need to be careful because there is a distinct possibility of tearing from hole stretching triple penetration misadventure!

Bringing in Additional Fuck Friends

How do you find people to join you on such an occurrence? Well there are fetish social networking sites where you can meet other kinky people, as well as swinger dating sites where you can find people who are open to group sex experiences. If you want to invite your friends, you better make sure that they can handle that type of fun experience and that things won’t get weird for them or your girl.

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Tit Fuck

“All human males were as fascinated with cars as they were with breasts.”

-Anita Clenney


A tit fuck is what happens when a girl has a big enough pair of boobs that you can stick a little lube in between her knockers and shove your dick in the middle until it looks as happy as a hot dog in a bun. With a tit fuck the bigger the better. The smallest size possible for that is probably a D, as long as the band size of your babe is 36 or bigger. However, it’s true that the preferable size for a full tit fuck is probably something more like an F cup. Breasts are amazing and they feel great wrapped around a dick, but if you bust your nut on your babe’s set of tits, you better be sure that you give her some of her own pleasure afterwards!

How To

There are many ways to do a successful tit fuck, but one of the best ways is to slop a little bit of lube in the cleavage and then shove your dick in. however, there are some tips for this seemingly simple sex act. First of all, definitely get the lube in between her breasts but don’t get it all over. If you get the lube all over you will not be able to grab her boobs to push them together to make the best tit fuck possible. So, put the lube in the middle, then wash your hands or wipe them off on a towel! Another option for a tit fuck is to use that special spit from the back of the throat if your girl is a champion deep throat lover instead of traditional lube.

Tit Fuck the Night Away

Tit fucking and boob jobs are pretty much the best for the guy, so you can do it for as long as your girl is into it. However, you do need to be aware that if any girl says that a tit fuck makes her cum, she’s probably lying. Give your chick a nice dose of oral loving or at least a manual jerk off if she’s helped you out by allowing you to pound her tits until you jizz all over her face.

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“A gentleman holds my hand. A man pulls my hair. A soulmate will do both.”

-Allessandra Torre


Topspace is the mental space that a dominant goes to when they have a great scene. After a topping scene they feel as if they are on top of the world. This is because of a combination of brain chemicals and endorphins that get released as a result of playing in this manner. After leaving a scene and returning to the real world the top might have an inflated sense of self, and they may seem quite manic. Depending on their normal personality, this might be a departure from their usual mode of being. Topspace is usually just a seemingly confident boost, but it can be more.


Topspace can actually lead doms to do really dumb things. If it hits them too strongly in the actual scene, they may become overly confident and attempt something that is just not safe for the submissive. A few submissives have even been injured because of overly confident Doms who felt like they were sailing on a high of endorphins. So, it’s important for tops to really think things over and if something seems dangerous they shouldn’t do it at all. Topspace also leads to topdrop, which is another thing to be aware of.

Top Drop

This is the condition that follows topspace, where the top drops into a depression or a period of low energy. It makes sense that after giving so much energy and care to a submissive in a play situation that you would become low energy or depressed. Tops need to be careful to have some comfort measures in place after they get home from a long night out of playing at a party or on a date. Make it easy for yourself the next day, so you should have things set up like an easy breakfast and maybe don’t make too many wild plans the day after a major top space event!

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“Stacy’s mom has got it going on.”

-Fountains of Wayne


Taboo is generally defined as the fetish of whatever happens when you have a crush on your stepdad, stepdaughter who is 18+ etc. etc. This fetish clearly originates in the fact that it is extremely taboo to love someone in your stepfamily. In fact these topics are some of the hottest and most popular searches in porn. You can’t really enact this in your personal life because for most people that crosses a line that many do not wish to cross, but there is always a way for porn to role play even those most taboo fantasies by injection these elements of sexuality into fictional stories for fans.

Roleplaying Your Taboo Fantasy

If you want to pretend and roleplay a taboo scenario, it’s pretty easy to get started. You just have to have a great imagination. Have one person be the naughty stepdad or stepmom, and the other person pretend to be a bad stepdaughter or stepson. Perhaps one of them got caught doing something bad or naughty, and they have to be punished but the punishment turns into something sexy. Perhaps the attraction they’ve been feeling for so long simply boils over and turns into waves of passion. That’s the beauty of role-play. You decide together. Keep in mind there are many taboo fantasies out there, and the combination of porn with quality roleplay is the best way to get your kinks satisfied without harming anyone or doing anything illegal.

Know Your Limits

It should be understandable that for many people taboo play is a big limit. If you’re not into it, or if your partner isn’t into it, then maybe it’s just not meant to be within your partnership. You’ll have to let it go in that case, or find some hot taboo porn to watch, because you just can’t help it if someone isn’t into your kink but you love them anyways.

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Tan Lines

“I’m actually more confident when I’m tan.”

-Shanina Shaik


Doesn’t a chick look like the picture of health when she is sun kissed and tan? Perhaps that is why some people have an actual fetish for girls who like to go to tanning beds or simply sit out under the sun to get their skin darker. There are also those who enjoy girls who leave their bathing suits on to get tan lines that leave certain parts of their bodies a bit tanner than others. It’s a pretty usual fetish, but it’s one that does have a dark side, as exposure to too much sunlight can lead to disease and damaged skin.

Entering The Bronze Age

If you really want to explore the tan line fetish, you can do so in a safe way by doing spray tans, of which there are many different varieties. Of course getting a little sun kissed isn’t too bad, and might even be healthy, but it is better to protect yourself from the sun’s harmful rays. Just wear your favorite bathing suit to the tanning salon, and wait for the lines to appear. Some people also like to put cute stickers on themselves to that they will have star or bunny shaped tan lines when the procedure is over. It is important to note that tanning fetish goes any which way. Guys love tan girls, girls love tan guys, and LGBT people love tan versions of whomever they are interested in!

Play Safe In The Surf

If you do choose to go the all-natural route, there are some things you can do to stay safe and protect your skin from the sun, which has been proven to cause cancer, especially in pale people. First of all, always wear sunscreen. Some people think that SPF 50 is the one you need to use, but SPF 30 will probably be ok. Read the directions on your sunscreen to know when to reapply. If you do end up getting too tan or a burn, get some aloe Vera to put on it to make it heal faster. Happy tanning!

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