“Stacy’s mom has got it going on.”

-Fountains of Wayne


Taboo is generally defined as the fetish of whatever happens when you have a crush on your stepdad, stepdaughter who is 18+ etc. etc. This fetish clearly originates in the fact that it is extremely taboo to love someone in your stepfamily. In fact these topics are some of the hottest and most popular searches in porn. You can’t really enact this in your personal life because for most people that crosses a line that many do not wish to cross, but there is always a way for porn to role play even those most taboo fantasies by injection these elements of sexuality into fictional stories for fans.

Roleplaying Your Taboo Fantasy

If you want to pretend and roleplay a taboo scenario, it’s pretty easy to get started. You just have to have a great imagination. Have one person be the naughty stepdad or stepmom, and the other person pretend to be a bad stepdaughter or stepson. Perhaps one of them got caught doing something bad or naughty, and they have to be punished but the punishment turns into something sexy. Perhaps the attraction they’ve been feeling for so long simply boils over and turns into waves of passion. That’s the beauty of role-play. You decide together. Keep in mind there are many taboo fantasies out there, and the combination of porn with quality roleplay is the best way to get your kinks satisfied without harming anyone or doing anything illegal.

Know Your Limits

It should be understandable that for many people taboo play is a big limit. If you’re not into it, or if your partner isn’t into it, then maybe it’s just not meant to be within your partnership. You’ll have to let it go in that case, or find some hot taboo porn to watch, because you just can’t help it if someone isn’t into your kink but you love them anyways.

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