“A man must learn to give a little space
A peaceful state, a submissive trait
A man must learn to gently dominate”



A sub-drop is the physical and emotional drop a submissive feels after an intense BDSM scene. It is called a drop because the sensation can literally feel like you were dropped. Physically it is the coming down from the endorphins released during the scene. Emotionally it is coming down from the emotional highs, or lows, and starting the emotional processing post BDSM scene.


When a Dom and a sub do a scene or any BDSM play together, it can be an intensely emotional experience. Often a sub will experience a variety of emotions that can swing from elation to deep sadness. Many people use BDSM scenes as a way to release emotion or work through emotional issues. After the scene is completed the sub can often experience a sub-drop where they are particularly emotionally vulnerable. The intensity of the individual emotions has passed but the sub-drop is the onset of the culmination of the emotional experience. This can be emotionally overwhelming. 


Aftercare is one of the most important parts of a BDSM scene. This is the time when the Dom brings out their compassion and emotionally and physically takes care of the sub. Aftercare can be as simple as wrapping the person in a blanket and holding them, talking about the experience and what feels came out, tending to any physical needs if any wounds or bruising occurred, to going through a full detailed recount of what happened. Every sub will need different forms of aftercare and every scene will lead to different experiences which will require different kinds of after care. What you don’t want to happen is the sub to experience sub-drop alone and uncared for. This can lead to emotional trauma instead of emotional healing. Remember that a BDSM scene is ultimately about the connection between the Dom and the sub. The stronger the connection, the better the scene. Supporting the sub through the sub-drop is an extremely important part of the scene.

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