“Anticipation makes the hard-on longer.”

-Itsby Stevintary


Kolpeuryntomania is when a person is turned on by having their vagina forced to dilate, or stretch, into much wider proportions by an object or girthy body part.

The Fetish

Examples of kolpeuryntomania could also include fisting, where a person’s entire fist and arm are put inside of a vagina, which then dilates the vagina to a much wider opening. When the fisting is done in a bit more of a rough manner to a recipient with a pussy stretching kink, it can cause great sexual pleasure and arousal for the woman it’s being done to. This can be a more common kink among women that are considered “size queens”, since they already experience higher arousal with a partner with an extremely large penis. Kolpeuryntomania could involve inanimate objects as well. There isn’t an exact definition as to what can be used to help dilate the vagina further, so other fetishes may fall in line with this one as well.

What To Do

Finding someone to participate in this fetish with you isn’t going to be a difficult task, and it shouldn’t be hard to bring up with your current partners. Take precautions to make sure your partner goes slowly, and that you have either a safe-word in place for them to stop or hand gestures to alert them to your need for them to slow down, speed up, etc. There are going to be lots of communities online that discuss kinks such as pussy stretching, making it an easy topic to discuss with others that have already participated in said kink. You will be able to get advice on what kind of feeling certain items elicit when used to dilate a vagina, learn some handy tips to keep yourself safe and in the zone of enjoyment, and even find some partners that are interested in pursuing this kink with you.

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“I am grateful for hands to tickle with. Not so grateful for that process in reverse, however.”

-Richelle E. Goodrich


A person with knismolagnia is aroused by another person tickling them.

The Fetish

This kink is often enacted by another person being restrained or held down so that they can’t escape the person tickling them. The tickling sensation inspires an erotic feeling in the recipient of the tickling, which then often leads to other forms of sexual play. Feathers, fingers, and other forms of soft fabrics are often used to engage in the tickling of another person during this fetish play, and can be combined with different forms of restraint. Tickling play can also be done without restraints, but will possibly involve having to chase the person being tickled before getting to tickle them. Knismolagnia can be pursued in multiple fashions and combined with other forms of BDSM, where tickling is used in-between other forms of consensual punishment to change up the sensations being experienced.  

What To Do

Discussing a tickling fetish ahead of time will help your partner understand the types of sensation play that really arouses you. Laughter can sometimes be off-putting to some people during sex, but if you describe what tickling does for you then it may start to excite your partner when they hear you laughing. There are multiple groups and communities about different forms of BDSM – knismolagnia is one that is openly and frequently discussed. You’ll be able to talk about different forms of tickling with others that are interested, and possibly find partners to engage in tickle play with. There are plenty of toys at different adult supply stores that can be used for tickling, even if that was not their original purpose. Express your love of tickling, and in no time, you’ll find partners that want to engage in tickling you until you’re just overwhelmed with erotic excitement.

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“Stealing, of course, is a crime, and a very impolite thing to do. But like most impolite things, it is excusable under certain circumstances.”

-Lemony Snicket, The Wide Window


Kleptolagnia as a fetish means becoming sexually aroused by the act of stealing, by either yourself, or someone else.

The Fetish

Being aroused when you steal from someone or somewhere, and finding sexual satisfaction in either the act, or the watching of the act. This fetish can also be accomplished by watching the act itself, and may be enacted watching movies involving stealing as well, but will usually reach the greatest point of sexual satisfaction by actually stealing. This can be a prearranged form of stealing set up ahead of time to allow for less of an illegal act, and one more of consent. Once arranged with a willing participant you can set up things to be stolen, and then possibly a meeting place to engage in sexual activity together, or to just talk about it.

What To Do

This fetish can prove to be a bit dangerous, which is often part of the sexual excitement which comes with it. To go about it in a way that will be less likely to land you in jail, it’s worth talking to people on BDSM/Kink chatrooms that have the sexual kink of enjoying being stolen from. Finding someone that gets off on being stolen from will make your fetish be able to flourish, and items and places can be arranged to keep it safe for both of you. This is a highly possible kink to fulfill without fearing arrest, but is often pursued in an illegal fashion. Take a little time and join some discussions around this fetish, so that you can gauge the interest in others around having someone steal from them to get off. You can add calculated forms of risk to it as well, where they can’t know what you’ve taken or you steal from them when they’re in close proximity to the items being taken. Whatever adds that extra exciting level of risk can most likely be negotiated ahead of time.

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“The circumstances of one’s birth are irrelevant, but it is what you do with the gift of life that determines who you are.”



People participating in the kigurumi fetish are interested in wearing anime masks, and more specifically female anime masks. This is not to be confused with the popular onesy style of pajamas that are shaped like cartoon animals or mythical creature, although these may be incorporated into the kigurumi style of erotic play as well. It is frequent for men with the kigurumi fetish to want to wear female anime masks while having erotic encounters, or to want to watch other men wearing female anime masks, but this fetish isn’t limited to same-sex encounters or any particular gender.

From Anime To Reality

There are more anime fans in the world than not, and it’s not going to be hard to find those that are involved in the kink world as well. Search out conversations on kink sites based around anime, and you’ll soon be able to find someone interested in kigurumi. A good place to start will be on forums for popular anime series with female characters as their main stars.
Sailor Moon is a common female character that is often roleplayed by many LARPers, which provides a wide range of mask options for this character. Look up any mainstream female anime characters, find the one you wish to portray or have portrayed for you, and order the one that turns you on the most. Don’t lose heart if the character you want to portray isn’t mainstream, there are many individual artists out there that would take a commission to build you the exact character mask you’ve been fantasizing about.

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“Thunder is good, thunder is impressive; but it is lightning that does the work.”

-Mark Twain


Keraunophilia is an erotic fascination with thunder and lightning that may involve arousal caused by storms. For someone with this fetish, the crash of thunder and lightning often causes excitement. Keaunophilia also involves the desire to have sex with people, or pleasure yourself, during thunder and lightning storms, or a simulated version of the aforementioned activities.

Thunderous Pleasure

Arousal from lightning and thunder is not uncommon at all. Many people can remember the heated elemental passion that has been sparked during wild storms, and will be interested in recreating that with you. You may even look up storm-chasing forums to find fellow kinksters with a love of sex during wild storms. There are plenty of storm connoisseurs out there in the world, and engaging with them in a kinky fashion won’t be that terribly hard to do. Explore the level of interest your chat friends have in the elements in relation to passionate interactions, and then see if you can make a date for the next big storm that’s been predicted.

Don’t Play With Thunder

As a precaution, it’s good to remember that while thunder and lightning are extremely arousing, actually being out in a storm is very dangerous. Enjoy the primal energy of the elements from behind glass and walls, and you’ll be able to take in the passionate fury of a storm, without having to put your life at risk at the same time. If you do happen to brave the weather, and have a partner out there with you, then take a few precautions. Make sure that neither of you has any metal on your person, metals toys, or otherwise, and then wear boots with rubber in the soles, to give you some better protection against any electrical shocks. It’s going to be very risky if you do decide to venture outside for some kinky play, so stay away from any large bodies of water, pools, or hot tubs.

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“Whatever may be their use in civilized societies, mirrors are essential to all violent and heroic action.”

-Virginia Woolf, A Room of One’s Own


Katoptronophilia is a kink where someone really likes to have sex in front of mirrors, or when a person gets really turned on by seeing their own reflection in a mirror. To fulfill this fetish, you can meet with people in rooms that have a lot of mirrors, so that you can watch the action through the mirrors while you have sex. Katoptronophilia can also be applied to masturbatory practices in front of reflective surfaces, and doesn’t require you to necessarily have a partner.

Seeking A Reflection

Finding a hotel room with well positioned mirrors, or creating that reflective space in your own abode, will be fairly easy to come by. There are many people that love watching themselves and their partners while they have sex with each other, and you most likely won’t have to go onto any chat forums to find this shared kink. With mirrors being a fairly common turn on for a number of folks, there are already many motels and hotels, that will provide rooms for the reflection-centric among us.

Mirror Masturbation

This kink can also be applied to masturbating in front of a mirror, if you’re not looking for a partner to participate with you. Standing and placing a mirror below you, while positioning mirrors at on all four walls around the room, will grant you a spectacular view from all sides of touching yourself. If you do have a partner with you, and want the ground’s-eye view of having sex with each other, then be sure that both of you plant your feet on either side of the mirror, with enough space to move a bit, so that you don’t end up breaking any glass.

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Knife Play

“The only thing we have to fear is fear itself.”

-Franklin Delano Roosevelt


Knife play is a kind of fear play in which a trusted top takes a sharp blade and uses it on the submissive. It doesn’t really involve actually cutting the submissive, rather, it involves the fear of the blade, the sensations of the cool metal on the skin and the knowledge that the sub has to stay very, very still. In some scenes, the knife can be used to cut off the clothing, lightly scratch the skin, leaving quick fading white marks, or to peel off wax after a wax scene. Knife blades can be cooled off in the freezer or heated up to a certain degree for extra sensation.

Take Care

Knife play is a pretty safe activity if you are playing with a top who knows what they are doing. Of course trust is paramount and any sub should never do knife play with someone who is not trustworthy, and that includes people that you don’t know very well. If you’re doing temperature play with a knife, make sure that it is not so cold that it will stick to the skin, and that it is not so hot that it will burn. If you’re the top, you need to be aware that reactions to knife play can be very emotionally intense and the sub might require a lot of aftercare. It’s a form of play that is very intimate and scary, but rewarding in the right situation.

The Equipment

There are some kinky companies out there that make special knives that are just for sexual play. These have shiny blades, but the actual edge is a bit dull and the knife isn’t very pointy. Often times these knives are decorated in a ceremonious manner, which can add a fun aspect to the play. You don’t need to buy a special knife for knife play, as you can simply get a somewhat dull knife and play with it yourself. Having a special blade does add a nice element to any knife play session.

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“A woman’s orgasm is such a fragile thing.”

-Megan Hart


Kunyaza is a sexual practice from East Africa meant to help women have orgasms easier. It originated in an area that now encompasses the countries of Rwanda, Burundi, Uganda, Tanzania and the DRC. The tradition started only 100 years ago, when the rumor was that a queen wanted to fuck one of her guards. He couldn’t say no to his queen, but he was so nervous that he couldn’t get his dick in her pussy, and instead he rubbed it on the outside of her box while only semi-hard. She thought it felt so good that it developed into a popular practice among mates in the region.

How To Kunyaza

Kunyaza is a fetish centered on the idea of a guy rubbing his semi-hard dick against the clit and labia of his female lover. There is actually an order of operations. First, the guy stimulates the pussy lips for a while with his dick. Then when arousal starts to happen, he stimulates the clit as well as the entrance to the vagina. It sounds like a big tease that similar to any regular sex session, and also has some things in common with tantra. In many cases, this is done along with the local practice of labia stretching, which some say makes the labia more sensitive. Kunyaza is said to also cause a higher likelihood that the females involved will be able to squirt orgasmically during sex.

Cultural Significance

In Rwanda, a woman is not necessarily considered sexually successful unless she can squirt, and this practice tends to help with that requirement. Even though in the west we think that stimulating the g-spot is the best way to reach squirting orgasms, African cultures have discovered this other way. Perhaps it’s simply that the arousal has to grow stronger and then women are more likely to squirt because their desire is simply higher. The fact is, more foreplay is always better, and your cock is a much more sensitive appendage to use for pre-heating her vagina than any boney finger or sharp fingernail could ever be in real practice.

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