“Divine am I inside and out,
and I make holy whatever I touch or am touch’d from;
The scent of these arm-pits, aroma finer than prayer;”

-Walt Whitman


Maschalagnia is a sexual attraction to armpits. It is a partialism, which means a sexual attraction to a specific part of the body. This fetish can lead to axilism, which is having sex with an armpit.

Sniff Your Way to Lust

Typically people who have maschalagnia will enjoy kissing, tasting, licking, smelling, and licking their partners armpits. Oftentimes they really enjoy their partners armpit odor and might ask them not to shower or wash or even wear deodorant for many hours before having any sexual contact. The natural body smell is a strong driver in sexual attraction and armpit smell can be a focal point for these attraction odors. To those with an armpit fetish, the armpit seems like a beautiful bouquet and offers a myriad of sexual pleasures.

Armpit Appreciation In Literature

Alex Comfort, the author of The Joy of Sex, thought that women shaving their armpits was “simply ignorant vandalism” because it destroyed a powerful sex tool. He also praised the French for having more sexual awareness than Americans in regard to deodorant culture. Joris-Karl Huysmans, a French novelist, wrote an essay on the smells of a woman’s armpit which he called the “spice box.” A Chinese poet wrote, “your odorous armpit…that embalmed nest.” Folklorist Gersham Legman wrote of a folktale motif of having vaginas in armpits.

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“Instead of warning pregnant women not to drink,I think female alcoholics ought to be told not to fuck”

-George Carlin


Maiesiophilia is a pregnancy fetish. It is a strong sexual attraction to pregnant women or women who appear pregnant. This can be a deep visual attraction as well as a desire to have sex with pregnant women.

Sexy Pregnancy in Culture

For a long time pregnant women were not looked at as sexy or sex symbols. It was expected for partners to view their pregnant partner as still attractive, but it was also considered understandable if a partner lost sexual attraction for their partner when they were pregnant. What a lot of people didn’t realize is that many people find pregnant women very sexy. Sometimes it is because seeing a pregnant woman would remind them of their partner when they were pregnant and of that time in their life which was likely caring, exciting, as well as full of hot sex since most pregnant women get incredibly horny during their second trimester.
Pregnant women being sexy started to be normalized when a pregnant Demi Moore appeared on the cover of Vanity Fair magazine fully nude. It showed pregnancy as sexy and glamorous and something that should not be hidden. Since then many other celebrities have appeared pregnant and nude on magazine covers and personal naked pregnant photo shoots increased. 


The biggest concern of sex during pregnancy is will it hurt the baby? The answer to that is no. Sex will not hurt the baby. There are medical exceptions where sex is not considered safe, in which case, your doctor will tell you. It has been shown that sex during pregnancy is emotionally good for both mom and baby. 

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“You’ve invaded my erotic dojo. For this your assholes will adorn my thunderous cock like jewelry!”

-Matt Fraction


Macrogenitalism is a fetish for very large genitals. Those with a macrogenitalism fetish typically seek out people with large genitals to be their sexual partners. The attraction to large genitals can be towards either women or men, though it is typically a preference for a large penis. 

Large Genitals Attraction

For people who are attracted to large genitals in men, they are typically looking for a much larger than normal penis size.  They may also be interested in unnaturally large sex toys. This is also called phallophilia. For people who are attracted to large genitals in women, macrogenitalism may include being desirous of prominent clitorises or large vulvas. Oftentimes people with this fetish will find themselves attracted to any oversized genitals, no matter if it’s a penis or a vagina.

Cock Worship

Cock worship has been a practice for thousands of years. Though it does not require a large penis, oftentimes the phallus sculptures could be quite big. We also see cocks in relief sculptures and paintings where a man is displaying a very large cock. The large cock has long been a symbol of male virility and power. 

Bigger Cock Bigger Pleasure

There is a myth that if someone has a bigger penis they will be able to deliver more sexual pleasure. This is not true. The size of a penis is not correlated to the amount of power it delivers. However, a person with a macrogenitalism fetish does derive extra pleasure from a large cock, both in the physical act of having intercourse with it and from the visual element as well.

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Macro Fetish

“We can’t be silent
‘Cause they might be giants”

-They Might Be Giants


Macro fetish, also known as macrophilia, is a sexual fetish for giants. This is more commonly a male fetish where the man is the small person and the woman is the giant, more typically called a giantess. The fantasy typically involves being dominated or eaten by the giantess. This fetish is also called a GTS fetish. GTS is an abbreviation for giantess. 

Attack of the 50 Foot Woman

The sexualized giant woman has been a long standing fantasy. We see representations of women finding power through becoming a giant in movies frequently. The most well-known and obviously sexualized giantess is in the 1950s movie Attack of the 50 Foot Woman. Giantesses have also had starring roles in Monsters vs. Aliens and Jack and the Beanstalk, and made appearances in Alice in Wonderland, Bedazzled, Honey I Blew Up The Kids, Dude Where’s My Car, Beetlejuice, and Pirates of the Carribean: At The World’s End. 

Giantess Symbolism

The giantess is a beautiful symbol of power in a culture where women have trouble attaining it – typically women becoming a giantess is a symbol of growing into power. The men who like to be dominated by giant women also take this to the next level, by going from being a woman’s oppressor to being put in their place by a giantess. Oftentimes this fetish will include elements of humiliation and insulting the man for being so small and useless. 

In Practice

Though there is no Alice in Wonderland magic potion to make you big, there are ways that the giantess fantasy can be lived out. For some people it means finding sexual partners where there is a big difference in height. Through creative video editing and perspective videography, it is also simple to create the effect of a giantess in porn clips, usually made by independent creators of fetish content. Such videos are very popular on tube and clip sites. 

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“I thank god I was raised Catholic so sex will always be dirty.”

-John Waters


If you want to have an all out gangbang, just get together with 3 of your closest friends and have an all out four-on-one fuck session. That’s what an MMMMF group sex session would be comprised of, and that’s a serious fantasy for a lot of chicks. Amazingly when you ask almost any pornstar what her fantasy would be, they almost always say that they want to do a gangbang. Sure, there are plenty of gangbang videos online that you can watch, but why not try to turn your fantasy into reality?

Call Your Buds

The first step towards creating a gangbang is to get four of your best friends together. It’s nice to do it with people that you know. Maybe one of them has a girlfriend who is pretty slutty who wants to get reamed by dicks, or perhaps you can just find a chick from some dating app. Whatever the case, it’s more fun if you can crack jokes with your guy friends and do the Eiffel Tower over your chick as you DP her to pieces. Just remember – cover her in cum at the end or it will all have been for nothing!

Fuck Her Silly

Get your cocks together for some hole stretching good times. Double penetration, double anal and double vaginal are all possible as long as you’ve got a hussy with elastic holes who has been working on stretching them out for a while. If you fuck her with 4 people you can have all of her holes filled and one for her hand too. Make her work for the cumshots you spew on her at the end, since some bukkake action is the mark of a true epic gangbang! If you want to make it happen, you really have to commit to filling her up. Now go have fun!

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“Sex is part of nature. I go along with nature.”

-Marilyn Monroe


When you want to have a foursome you have tons of opportunities of what you can do. There can be lots of combinations of guys and girls, but the kind we are talking about here is an MMMF foursome. You get three guys for one girl and that means a whole lot of hole-filling fun. That’s one cock for every hole for fuck’s sake! You thought a threesome was a fantasy, well, wait until you see a foursome. This is a hole-fucking free-for-all where a chick will likely get a cock in her ass, her pussy and her facehole. If she’s not covered in jizz by the end of the event, you’re doing something wrong.

Finding the Foursome

If you want to have a foursome then you will first have to get two of your buddies. It’s always best to do this type of thing with someone that you know and trust. However, it doesn’t really matter if you need to find a freak or two from the internet. If your friends are too buttoned up, try going to a local swinger party where you can meet people who are of the same mind. Then just find a slut who wants to get her holes spread open so wide that they might never be the same. It really is that easy. Just imagine it happening and then manifest your new destiny.

The Possibilities Are Endless

If you’ve got a cum dumpster who is pretty open-minded you can do all sorts of fucked up things to her holes. You can do double penetration while fucking her face, which is called airtight DP, you can do double anal with a cock in her pussy too for good measure, and you can do the opposite which would be DV with a cock in the ass for something new. You can stuff her face full of three cocks and you can fuck her from every direction until she doesn’t know which end is up. Pretty much any true slut wants a good gangbang like this, so you better give it to her before she runs and finds it somewhere else.

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“A love triangle is a threesome delayed.”

-Mokokoma Mokhonoana


A threesome is a great thing, as you probably already know or can imagine. An MMF threesome is when two guys and a girl get together for some fun. This creates a lot of possibility for different combinations of penetration and different positions and configurations. Two cocks are better than one to some of the most worthy sluts. Most pornstars dream of the day that they get to experience this hot occurrence, and most of them will get to have it if it is something that they want. Find out what your threesome life could be like by watching them get their dreams made into reality.

Bring MMF Into Your Life

So you want to have an MMF threesome? Now you can make it come true with a few tips. First of all, some guys shy away from doing this because they think there is an air of homosexuality to it. Well, as they say “it’s not gay if it’s in a threeway.” Even if it is a little gay, who cares…you’re stretching a hot chick’s holes. So once you get over that idea, it’s best to do it with a buddy because if you’re crossing swords you want it to be with someone that you know. Then find a slutty chick who wants to get fucked by two guys, which shouldn’t be too hard – just hop on one of those swipey dating apps, and you’ll find one in no time.

The Positions and Possibilities

With two cocks instead of one you can do so many things. Like double penetration, which is when one cock is stuck in the pussy and one is put into the ass, giving a chick an amazing feeling. You can also try more extreme double penetration variants like double anal and double vaginal. This is stuff that you can’t just spring on a girl, though. You should give them some time to prepare with hole stretching tactics like anal plugs and lots of pounding beforehand.

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“Stacy’s mom has got it going on.”

-Fountains of Wayne


You have heard of the song Stacy’s Mom by Fountains of Wayne right? It’s all about a guy who doesn’t have too much interest in a chick his own age but he keeps coming over because he has a crush on his friend’s hot mom. This was when the whole MILF craze started and it has never stopped. With moms who are rediscovering their sexual health and chemistry once their college aged progeny are out the door, and more and more people going back to work and rediscovering their prowess at an older age, there are more hot moms than ever!

Famous MILFS

If you’re looking for your next favorite mom then you have to look no further than porn. Even some 18 and 19 year old pornstars are complete MILFs even though they look every bit of their college age. However, most moms are older and they have big tits and a big booty. The most famous MILF is probably Lisa Ann. She started off as a pornstar who was in her 20s but when she first retired she was in her 40’s, super hot and very well- known. There are also chicks like Julia Ann, Phoenix Marie, Kendra Lust and Ava Addams. Get your MILF on!

Find Your Own MILF

It’s pretty easy to find a MILF of your own. First of all there are dating sites that are completely dedicated to finding the MILF or cougar of your dreams. Older women flock there in order to find hot guys who make them feel vivacious again, and cubs go there to find the mature lady they are searching for. There are also special speed dating events for older women to meet cubs in an environment where everyone is pretty open-minded to the idea of MILFs and maybe even a GILF or two!

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“The enjoyment of the sufferer finds expression in those moans; if he did not feel enjoyment in them he would not moan.”

-Fyodor Dostoyevsky


Moaning is an action that is sometimes associated with complaining, but that is not the type of moaning that we are talking about. We are talking about the deep moans and sighs that come with a good fucking. Moaning is a sure sign of good things happening during a sexual encounter. Pornstars are great at moaning and showing you that they are having a good time. Find out what will make your partner moan and you’ll surely be on your way to a satisfying sexual relationship.

Make ‘er Moan

How do you make someone moan? Well, if you are a guy with a female friend then you can lick her pussy to give her plenty of orgasms. She will certainly appreciate it and she will love to orgasm right on your face while she is moaning. If you fuck her good with your cock she will also moan if you’re doing a great job. You can moan too if a chick is sucking your dick and making you feel real good. Moaning is like a great feedback system. It lets you know you’re doing a good job and communicates the same to your partner.

Types of Moans

There are all types of moans and groans. There are soft ones and loud ones. There are those high pitched ones that squeak out when you are not expecting it and those low groans that cause a rumble to shake the floor. Moans of all sorts are great for your sexual experiences, and whatever types of moans or sex sounds you make are perfect for your situation. Moaning is just another way to communicate that you are having a good time, so let your moans fly free during your sexual escapades.

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Money Shot

“Open throat and money shot.”



The money shot is the moment in porn when the guy spews his jizz and it is the best thing ever. It has also come to mean any shot in a movie or TV show that is completely exquisite or really makes a big difference in the whole thing. If you have wondered what this term means, now you really know. Before it came to have the porn connotations, it simply meant the most expensive shot in a movie, and people just assumed that the time when a guy jizzes himself is the best one!

Homemade Porn

If you are making your own homemade porn movies, how can you best capture the money spot? Well, it’s pretty easy, though it can be missed since it can’t exactly be repeated. You should make sure that you have the camera in the right place to catch the action. If it’s just the two of your filming it, then you should use a tripod device to keep the camera in place. Then simply make sure that you get the action hot enough so that your partner can jizz all over the place. There you will have the money shot.

Is it Fair?

Well, most people consider the money shot to be when the guy cums, but what about the girl? Ladies need to have orgasms too. So some people wonder if it is fair to have the money shot be all about the guy. That’s why many feminist porn makers have made their porn about pleasure and orgasm in general, no matter the genitals of the person involved. So you will be able to see more kinds of people orgasming in porn these days, proving that maybe there can be a more broad idea of what a money shot is.

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