“Stacy’s mom has got it going on.”

-Fountains of Wayne


You have heard of the song Stacy’s Mom by Fountains of Wayne right? It’s all about a guy who doesn’t have too much interest in a chick his own age but he keeps coming over because he has a crush on his friend’s hot mom. This was when the whole MILF craze started and it has never stopped. With moms who are rediscovering their sexual health and chemistry once their college aged progeny are out the door, and more and more people going back to work and rediscovering their prowess at an older age, there are more hot moms than ever!

Famous MILFS

If you’re looking for your next favorite mom then you have to look no further than porn. Even some 18 and 19 year old pornstars are complete MILFs even though they look every bit of their college age. However, most moms are older and they have big tits and a big booty. The most famous MILF is probably Lisa Ann. She started off as a pornstar who was in her 20s but when she first retired she was in her 40’s, super hot and very well- known. There are also chicks like Julia Ann, Phoenix Marie, Kendra Lust and Ava Addams. Get your MILF on!

Find Your Own MILF

It’s pretty easy to find a MILF of your own. First of all there are dating sites that are completely dedicated to finding the MILF or cougar of your dreams. Older women flock there in order to find hot guys who make them feel vivacious again, and cubs go there to find the mature lady they are searching for. There are also special speed dating events for older women to meet cubs in an environment where everyone is pretty open-minded to the idea of MILFs and maybe even a GILF or two!

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