“Alone we can do little, together we can do so much.”

-Helen Keller


A munch is a gathering of kinky individuals that usually takes place on a regular basis. They vary a lot on the type of munch they are. Some of them are on a specific topic like FemDom or spanking. Others are for people of a certain area, who live in a certain town or neighborhood so all the kinksters there can get to know each other. Still others are simply for any kinkster who is interested in BDSM activities to get together and find someone they like or talk about new ideas in kink, or even exchange skills.

How to Find

Munches are a great way to meet other kinksters. How can you find them? Well, it’s usually pretty easy because they are often open to the public and take place in cafes or public play spaces. They want people to come and meet because that is the purpose of the whole event! So they post their events online, in various locations where people are looking at kinky things. If you just web search the name of your town and the word munch, and perhaps also BDSM you will easily find listings of local groups and munches where you can meet up!

Typical Etiquette

Many people who go to munches are in established relationships and you don’t know what their status is. Don’t touch people without asking them first, and if you see a couple who clearly looks like one of them is the sub and one is the Dom, always address the one who seems to be the Dom first, because that is the polite thing to do, even though at first thought it might not seem like it! Just be yourself and have a blast. Once you get enveloped in the community you will have many opportunities to learn!

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