Muscle Worship

“I use my muscles as a conversation piece.”

-Arnold Schwarzenegger


Muscle worship is a type of body worship in which one person who is usually subservient in a BDSM sense of things loves to kiss, lick or massage the muscles of someone who is much stronger and more fit than they are. The person on top is usually a bodybuilder, a weight lifter or maybe a wrestler. Basically, it is someone who has big muscles who is really strong. People who enjoy muscle worship might like to wrestle or get pinned down by their tops, but the main activity is worshipping the actual muscular figure of their lover.

The Culture

It’s unfortunate that bodybuilding is a sport which requires a high level of dedication but has a low payout in the financial sense. This is why many male and female body builders offer private muscle worship sessions for those who have this fetish. They get benefits since their pockets are lined and more comfortable, and they also get good self-esteem from having their muscles complimented on the regular. It’s present in gay and straight relationships, and can be done with a female top or male top. If you’ve got a thing for muscles, you should know it’s quite regular, and doing a simple search online will probably reveal plenty of results for people you can see! You can also try online dating sites for muscular people.

Say What?

There are lots of complex terms that people may use for this fetish, so if you see them around, don’t get confused. Sthenolagnia is the technical term for muscle worship, which actually means someone who gets aroused from seeing someone display their muscles. The word Cratolagnia covers arousal from strength itself. So, whether you get off on seeing a muscular man, or are turned on by how much he can lift, is what determines which form of this fetish is your freaky attraction. If you have one of these fetishes it’s only natural, as pretty much everyone finds muscles attractive, these fetishists simply take it to the next level!

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