“To alienate human beings from their own decision-making is to change them into objects.”

-Paulo Freire


Objectification is the act of dehumanizing a person for pleasure. This can be done through a variety of methods and suggestions, like turning someone into a human footstool, or making them lay on the ground like a rug for you to walk on.

The Fetish

This is a type of humiliation play that is designed to strip another of their humanity. Objectification can involve a person being used as living furniture for other people or roles similar to that, where they are no longer being treated as a person. Having your partner walk on you, sit on you, prop pieces of clothing or other inanimate objects on you as if you were a table are all part of the objectification fetish. It’s entirely about treating someone as an object to be utilized as the dominant sees fit. To maintain the perception that the sub is an object, often boundaries and time limits may be put in place to make sure the fetish is pursued to its highest potential.

What To Do

Because this is such a commonly pursued kink and objectification is a widely practiced fetish in the BDSM community, you’ll be able to find a lot of online discussions and literature around it. Finding partners to pursue this with you and objectify you accordingly won’t be that difficult. Make sure you implement some boundaries around this fetish – setting time limits or making a safe-word for when you’re ready to be done are some good places to start. If you have any body issues (such as chronic pain or mobility impairments), then make sure those are known ahead of time, so that you’re not put into a position for an extensive amount of time that causes you too much distress.

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“I love the smell of napalm in the morning.”

-Robert Duvall


Olfactophilia is a fetish for smells and it involves becoming sexually aroused by smells and odors. The arousal typically comes from the smells of the human body, and particularly those coming from sexual body parts. It is also known as osmolagnia, while Sigmund Freud referred to a less sexual version of this arousal as osphresiolagnia.

He Who Smelt It Dealt It

Have you ever taken a moment to take in the lusciousness of your partner’s smell? Maybe you just smell their head or the back of their neck, or maybe you bury your nose in their pubic hair and get a good whiff of their musk. For many people, the smell of our partner evokes feelings of love and comfort, but it can also evoke arousal. Olfactophiliacs are specifically aroused by their partner’s smells and often times the more pungent the better.

Aphrodisiac Odors

Smells have often been thought of as aphrodisiacs. The smell of another person is known to be arousing. For one, pheromones are buried in our body smells and pheromones are known to have a direct arousing affect. An olfactophiliac might also bury their nose in your armpit to smell your body odor, or between your butt cheeks. There are many people that believe smell is the cornerstone of attraction. Freud believed that smell is such a powerful aphrodisiac that as a society we needed to dampen how people smelled so we would not be constantly sex-crazed.

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“I like to keep a bottle of stimulant handy in case I see a snake, which I also keep handy.”

-W. C. Fields


Ophidiophilia is a fetish involving platonic or sexual attraction to snakes and the desire to perform sex acts with them. Some people with this fetish are attracted to snakes in just a platonic way rather than sexual. But for those experiencing a sexual attraction to snakes, they express their desires mainly by performing ophidicism, which is a sex act that involves inserting a snake’s tail into the vagina or anus and using the tail as a masturbatory object.


Ophidicism started in ancient Greece. It is believed that some women would stick the head of the snake into their vaginas for masturbation. The snake has been a symbol for sexuality and fertility in many cultures. In some cultures, it is a symbol of forbidden sexuality, such as the story of Adam and Eve and the snake in the Garden of Eden. It is also a symbol of dangerous sexuality, as seen with the sensual snake callers who use flutes to play for snakes that will enter a trance and “dance” out of a basket. In the ancient Indian art of belly dancing, the dancer must learn how to move like a snake. Throughout history there are many artistic depictions of sexual acts with a snake, starting from ancient artwork all the way to modern-day hentai.

Safety & Legality

Ophidicism and acting on ophidiophilia is illegal in most countries, as it counts as bestiality. The physical safety issues are also severe – you could get bitten by the snake or catch salmonella! Since you can’t put a condom on a snake, we suggest sticking to dildos that look like snakes instead of the real deal.

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“I try not to drink too much because when I’m drunk, I bite.”

-Bette Midler


Odaxelagnia is a sexual fetish for biting. It can mean either getting sexually aroused from biting or from being bitten.

Always Bite Back

Biting is a very common action for sexual arousal for people. Alfred Kinsey in his legendary Kinsey Report on human sexuality reported that more than half his respondents reported sexual arousal from biting. Using our mouths is a primary tool in the good sex toolbox, but people with the odaxelagnia fetish like biting more than the average bear. They gain intense sexual arousal and pleasure from biting or being bitten. With this fetish, however, the biting does not always have to be with another person. It could mean biting a fruit, or a plush toy, or biting down on an object. It can also mean watching people bite, or doing the biting themselves.


Biting is a great feeling and can be extremely pleasurable. The biggest concern with biting is biting too hard and breaking the skin. The human mouth is filled with bacteria and microorganisms, so a bite that breaks the skin can be very dangerous and can cause serious infection. If you break the skin with biting, make sure to stop immediately, wash the wound and treat it with antibacterial ointment. The wound should be bandaged to keep it clean. If it looks inflamed or infected you should go to the doctor immediately for medical treatment.

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“I wrote a song about dental floss but did anyone’s teeth get cleaner?”

-Frank Zappa


Odontophilia is a tooth fetish, or fetish for sexual activities involving teeth. Tooth sexual activity could involve licking teeth, biting teeth, or even taking teeth out, in very extreme cases of the fetish.

Bite Me

Odontophilia is sexual attraction and arousal to teeth and things related to teeth. Typically this does not mean toothbrushes, but rather delves more into medical fetish. A person with a tooth fetish might like to use the apparatus used to hold your mouth open during dental surgery or various other dental props. People with a tooth fetish can be very creative in what activities they prefer. It might involve something as simple as licking your teeth, or maybe leaving tooth imprints on your skin. In more extreme instances it could even include pulling out teeth!


Depending on the level of fetish expression this can be a fairy safe fetish to explore, but like we mentioned above it does have the potential to get dangerous. If biting is involved, you want to make sure you don’t break the skin. If you break the skin, you want to stop and treat the wound immediately by cleaning it out with a disinfectant and bandaging it. A more serious bite may need medical attention. And obviously, it is very dangerous to participate in tooth extractions outside of the dentist’s office, so maybe satisfy this aspect of your fetish by watching medical videos or doing some roleplay without actually pulling out any teeth.

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“Cool me down, I’m feeling so exotic. Ya right now, I’m hotter than the tropics.”

-Priyanka Chopra


An othering fetish is having an exclusive sexual attraction to people of other origin, or attraction to the point of fetishizing a distant group of people, whose culture is viewed as being inferior or mystically different to your own.  It is called othering since it is an attraction based on considering people from another culture as significantly different or “other” than you.


The original term for ethnic fetishism is orientalism. It is based on the early travels of colonialists who came back and spoke about how different and exotic the people and places were. But it wasn’t just the people and the places, it was everything about where they were from. Their unusual clothes made of unknown fabrics, strange makeup and jewelry, and their unknown foods were all part of this fantasy picture. The sexualization of these cultures is often tied into the idea of a hidden and unknown sexuality, that once unfolded is far more rewarding and extensive than Western sexuality. 

The Dark Side Of Othering

This othering and hyper-sexualizing of different cultures was a way that western culture dehumanized eastern cultures. It is dehumanizing because it is objectifying the person and reducing them to an idea, or sexualizing parts of them. The attraction is not about the person but about what the person represents. Othering as a fetish reinforces typically negative racial stereotypes. This fetishism has grown with the Western exposure to the hijab. Devout Muslim women have most of their face covered, so being able to see their whole face is very intimate. The hijab makes them mysterious in their look and also in their culture, as most of the Western world does not relate to wearing them. Women who wear hijabs, because they are viewed as being more traditional, are also supposed to be “off limits” to Westerners and therefore more mysterious.

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One Night Stands

“I’m always looking for meaningful one night stands.”

-Dudley Moore


A one-night stand is what happens when you go out and pick someone up perhaps out on the town or at a party. Then you take them home and have a night of wild sex. In the morning, you may fuck again or you might even leave them high and dry in the middle of the night. Then you never call them or talk to them again! One-night stands are fun because they let you know a little slice of a person, and you get to know a bit about them. It’s pretty great, though it’s not for everyone all the time.


How do you get a one-night stand? Well, you have to find someone who is on the same page as you. It helps if you go out, talk to someone you think is cute who seems flirtatious and into you. Then if you invite them back to your place and they agree, they are prime material for a one-night stand. Most people think that if you really like someone you should wait a bit before you fuck them so it doesn’t turn into an accidental one night stand, which might ruin your chances at a relationship!


One night stands do require some vigilance because you will basically be going home with a stranger. If you are the type of person to do so, talk to them really quickly about STIs, and you should also use a condom, because other forms of birth control don’t protect you against certain things. In addition, if you go to a stranger’s house tell a friend where you are going. It’s simply good dating practices in this day and age where anything could happen!

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Obscene Phone Calls

“All phone calls are obscene.”

-Karen Elizabeth Gordon


If you find yourself making telephone calls to strangers and places of business and asking them if their refrigerator is running, you might just be a jerk. If you find yourself doing this and asking them sexual questions, then you might be an obscene phone call fetishist. These are people who get off on surprising unsuspecting people with “obscene” questions and inappropriate statements that they don’t know how to react to. Technically it is considered a form of exhibitionism and it is also called telephone scatologia.

It’s Not Great

To be truthful, making an obscene phone call and surprising someone on the other end isn’t great. It can really hurt people’s feelings, and for others who are dealing with other problems it can affect their mental health. If you want to explore this fetish, it might be best to call a phone sex provider or phone sex chat line where you can consensually explore your desire to get off on the phone and talk about dirty things. Otherwise, you’re really not being nice at all. In fact, if you get caught making obscene phone calls you could get in trouble – in the US it is a class one misdemeanor!

If You Receive a Call

If you receive an obscene phone call, the important thing to remember is to not take it personally. It’s not about you, it’s just someone who has this sexual attraction to making people feel uncomfortable on the phone. Perhaps they are looking for a rise out of you. The best thing to do would probably be to just hang up the phone and go on with your day. If you feel bad about it, call a friend to commiserate about it, but don’t let it ruin things for you!

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“When life gives you lemons, squirt someone in they eye.”

-Cathy Guisette


Oculolinctus is a puzzling fetish that has developed and gained some steam in the past few years, mainly in Japan which shouldn’t be surprising because they have a lot of kinky sexual practices over there. It basically involves the sexual practice of licking the eyeball. It is also called “worming,” though it’s not completely apparent why. Some people think that this whole thing started as a hoax, with a joke news outlet saying that is was happening when it wasn’t really, but then a bunch of people started to do it after seeing the news, bringing fiction to fact.

The Dangers

If you’re going to lick someone’s eyeball, you should know it can be very bad. You can give someone gross infections like pink eye, which is not too serious but highly contagious and definitely not fun. In addition to the practice allegedly being popular in Japan, some say there has also been a presence of it in the US Virgin Islands. One popular picture put in the news of the story is college students wearing eye patches because of their conjunctivitis problems! Of course it seems like eyeball licking is a very intimate act so make sure to get the same tests you would have if you were going to have sex with someone.

Take Out Your Contacts

With most fetishes it is recommended that you get into it gradually, but since this one is so specific, it’s one that you just kind of have to try in order to get into it. If you wear contacts definitely take them out before you get your eyeball licked, and maybe brush your teeth beforehand so that you have the least amount of bacteria in there possible? But wait long enough so that the minty freshness doesn’t hurt the eyeball.

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