Doll Fetish

“There are two kinds of people, those who love dolls and those who don’t yet know that they love dolls.”

-Gayle Wray


A doll fetish is when a person is attracted to dolls and other doll-like objects. This can include the desire to perform a sexual act with the doll, watch simulated interactions between dolls, or transforming someone into a doll. This is also known as agalmatophilia and object sexuality. 

Attractive Dolls Throughout History

The idea of sexy dolls is nothing new. Barbie has been the most notorious sexy doll and is a big inspiration for dollification, which is the transformation of a person into a doll. Throughout history there have also been dolls for adults or collectors, which are dolls not meant to be played with but meant to look at or collect. Dolls in ancient times were often made in the image of big breasted curvy women and used in fertility ceremonies, and were also collector items. 

Sex Doll Evolution

The first sex dolls were created in Germany in 1941 as a way to keep the military from contracting STDs. In 1980 the first sex robot was created in the UK. In 1996 the first realistic sex doll was created, known as the Real Doll. Real Dolls changed the way people thought about the doll fetish.  The Real Doll definitely appeals to doll fetishists, but because Real Dolls are so realistic they have extended their appeal way beyond the confines of this fetish. They are being used as sexual surrogates, for people with sexual disabilities, and for living out fantasies like threeways for people who want group sex without the group. Real Dolls have done a lot to bring agalmatophilia to the mainstream, and though they are still not considered common sexual tools they are now grouped into the category of sexual aids.

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Duck Lips

“No job is complete until the selfie is posted.”

-Ashok Kallarakkal


Duck lips or duck face is a certain expression that girls make when they are taking a selfie. They push their lips out in an extreme way until it looks kind of ridiculous. It probably originated from when girls would try to pout a bit or do a “kissy” face in photos, but once selfies hit the scene, some women took this look to the extreme. Even beyond photos, some women get their lips injected with collagen or other substances through plastic surgery which gives them that pornstar duck lip selfie look at all times even when they are not trying to make that kind of face.

How To

If you want to post your own duck lip selfie, it’s really easy. All you have to do it turn your phone’s camera around so it is facing you and then get everything in the right position. Sometimes it is hard to get the positioning just right but once you have everything (including the lighting) in check, just purse your lips and make a duck face. Push your lips out like a pornstar when she wants them to look thick and juicy, and open your eyes big and wide. Take a few shots like this and you’re well on your way to being a duck lip expert!

To Duck Face or Not

Some people spend a lot of time making fun of duck faces because they think they are silly. Other people think they make a photo look great. Selfies are all about improving your self-esteem, so whether or not you want to take one is up to you. Just maybe look up duck face on the internet because it can give you some tips on how to do it in a cute and sexy way so you won’t end up looking too outrageous. Otherwise, happy selfie making! Snap a pic, put a filter on it and post it to the internet!

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Dirty Sanchez

“If it is the dirty element that gives pleasure to the act of lust, then the dirtier it is, the more pleasurable it is bound to be.”

-Marquis de Sade


The Dirty Sanchez is a nasty act that can occur when ass to mouth action happens. It’s basically when a guy fucks someone in the ass good and hard. So hard in fact, that something dirty gets on his cock. Then he turns his babe around and sticks his dick in her mouth, and some of the nastiness gets on her pretty visage. Then she leaves it on there because she is so into the dirty sex act that she doesn’t even care that her face is dirty with a gross, smelly substance. This term particularly refers to when it appears that the girl has a mustache on her face from the act.

Yuck or Yum?

The Dirty Sanchez is a big no-no to many people, but for others, they can’t help but love it. It all depends on how comfortable you are with the other person and that type of activity. Some people find that the more gross, taboo or physically dirty something is, the more they love it, but if it’s not something that you are interested in, there is no need to go there. On the other side of that, never surprise someone with a Dirty Sanchez. That’s just not nice.


As with anything involving fluid exchanges, it’s always best to know the status of your partner before you engage in anything. It’s an easy conversation to have and these days testing takes only a few days to get the results. If you’re craving some nasty sexy times, it is really the best practice. It might not be a fun conversation but you’ll feel a lot safer and happier when you know each other’s status.

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“You know you’re in love when you can’t fall asleep because reality is finally better than your dreams.”

-Dr. Seuss


Someone who is demisexual doesn’t usually feel sexual attraction, however, if they form a close emotional bond with someone then they might start to feel some sexiness getting started in their loins. Most people who are demisexual say that they have only ever felt attracted to a few people in their whole life, and some of them have only felt attracted to just one person. Some of them are also even demiromantic, meaning that they don’t even form a romantic connection with someone until meaningful friendship happens.

How Do You Know?

How will you know if you are demisexual? Well, if you aren’t really sexually active or interested in sex then you may already know you are on the asexual spectrum, which is what this identity is a part of. If you are demisexual, you may think you are asexual for a while, until you develop an important relationship with someone who will awaken the sexual desires that do live within you. Don’t be afraid of these sudden urges, as they are really fun to explore with someone who you trust.

Meeting Like-minded People

If you are demisexual, then you may want to hang out with other people who are on the asexual spectrum because they can relate to your specific issues and thoughts in life. You can always look online to find asexual meetups and clubs in your area in which you can talk to other people. If you’re new to realizing that this is how you are in life you can get tips and advice from people who have been living in this identity for much longer. There is always strength in community, and as this is a newer field of research and study in sexuality, finding people with real life experience can be a great thing.

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Dutch Rub

Boogie boogie. I just want to give you nook. Noogie noogie. Turn around let me see how you would. Do me Do me”



A dutch rub is also known as a noogie. This is when someone roughly rubs their knuckles across someone else’s head. A noogie is often performed while someone is in a headlock, meaning their head and neck are being held in the crook of the other person’s elbow. Typically a noogie is non-sexual. A dutch rub, though basically the same thing, is done willingly by both parties and is sexual. It is a common form of abrasion play.

The Kink of Dutch Rub

An abrasion kink is when someone becomes sexually aroused by coming into contact with a rough surface such as sandpaper. However, it can also be deriving sexual arousal from rough surface contact, such as knuckles being roughly rubbed into their head or other parts of their body. The dutch rub is a safe way to participate in abrasion kink, with very little risk of causing an actual abrasion. The knuckles can be rubbed on the person’s head or other part of their body. 


Though a dutch rub is a very safe form of abrasion kink, any abrasion has the potential to cause injury. A dutch rub is more likely to cause bruising but can also cause tears in the skin. It is a good idea to have a first aid kid ready in case the skin is broken. If the dutch rub is more aggressive, it is a good idea to have ice available in case of any swelling and arnica cream for bruising.

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Dental Dams

“Safe sex is an act of self love.”

-Miya Yamanouchi


Dental dams are a safer sex object that helps people who want to lick pussy and play with them but don’t necessarily know the testing status of the girl, or have something they want to protect them from. There is also a known usage of dental dams for anal licking jobs for obvious reasons. The dental dam is quite useful and it is also a very simple idea. It is a sheet of latex or nitrile material that can be placed over something to prevent transfer of fluids. It is also used in dentistry for a variety of reasons, but people saw it’s uses for sex pretty soon after it was introduced for that.

How to Use

Using a dental dam is really easy. All you have to do is open the package the dam has come in, and then spread it over your partner’s pussy or asshole. You may want to put some lube on the side that is going on your partner because it can make it feel a little better. Then you just have to lick! You should also make sure that no tears or holes are in the dam for maximum protection. Then just follow your instincts as to how to make your partner have an orgasm. The sensation for a dental dam is a little different than straight up oral sex but nothing is sexier than safer sex!


If you don’t have an official dental dam lying around you can always use a few alternatives. First of all, if you have a latex or nitrile glove you can cut it open and use it as a barrier. You can also cut open a brand new condom or female condom to use as a barrier. Finally, if you have plastic wrap (the non-microwavable kind) that actually can serve as an impromptu barrier as well. Safer sex is better sex with these tools that most people have lying around their house waiting to be sexualized in a freaky way!

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“The creator of the Universe went to great trouble to create the foreskin. Then insisted that you cut it off. Makes sense.”

-Richard Dawkins


Docking is something that can only be done between two people with cocks, and at least one or of them needs to be uncircumcised. Both guys get their cocks hard, and the uncircumcised guy puts a bit of lube on his cock. Then he puts it inside of the foreskin of the other guy and they have gentle sex that way. For most guys this is a really enjoyable act and even some straight men that experiment with bisexuality really enjoy it.

Docking Tips

Some people prefer to use a bit of pre-cum instead of lube for docking, because too much liquid in there can actually make it not all that great. So it helps if one guy is a bit drippy, which is funny because that is something that is typically to be avoided. A lot of guys are afraid of trying this sex act because they don’t want to be seen as gay, but it seems to be something that a lot of dudes experiment with their buddies after a long night out or just because they can and it is fun!

Safe Docking

Docking is a sex act that can result in fluid exchange so do whatever you need to do to have safer sex. It is often recommended that the guy who is uncircumcised wear a condom, but that does take away a lot of the sensation. The best way to figure out what to do is to discuss this with your sex partner and determine together what the best way to have a safe and fun docking experience is for you. That way you can do some docking without worry and just relax and have a great time.

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Dragon Boating

“I like big butts and I can not lie.”

-Sir Mix a Lot


Dragon boating is a lot like motorboating, where you put your face in between two nice big titties and move your face back and forth while blowing out, however dragon boating moves the activity lower and makes use of her big ass cheeks instead. Some people think that it is only called dragon boating when you do it with an Asian girl, since dragon boats are Asian in origins, but most people will agree that you can call it dragon boating no matter where your slut’s ass comes from ancestrally.

Butt Stuff Hygiene

Her ass is not as clean as her tits, even if she has recently showered. If you are going to do any kind of butt stuff, you should definitely be aware of a person’s STI status and you should also know the risks of licking up stuff back there. You wouldn’t motorboat a girl with filth between her tits (well ok maybe you would), but always be wary of dragon boating an unclean ass! Plus, you will be exchanging fluids if your saliva gets tossed out of your mouth mid dragon boat as well.


The first thing to know about dragon boating is that most people think it is best if you have a girl or guy with a big ass so you have a lot of flesh to separate the cheeks and make it sound deeper. There aren’t many special skills you need to have in order to do it, but if done right sometimes the simplest sex acts also become the most memorable.

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“Love the trees until their leaves fall off.”

-Chad Sugg


Dendrophilia is a fetish where you love trees so much that you would do just about anything to get with one, taking the term tree hugger to a whole new level. The people who love trees this much enjoy getting sexy with them, and they may either rub their genitals on tree bark, masturbate in the forest or carve phallic objects out of wood. The fetish makes sense because trees are ancient symbol of fertility, and some think they are a motif that may have been passed down psychologically to all of us.

Wild Nature

When you think about how disconnected we are from nature in our modern lives and how wild trees and nature seems, it makes a lot of sense why a few people would find that trees are incredibly arousing. Some might argue that their subconscious wants to go back to the days when we would wander around in the pristine woods and hunt, and live a more simple life. Others simply say that there is a fetish for everything and anything, and that this fetish simply exists because it can!

Tree Safety

When it comes to trees, you had better be safe. In the UK a few years back a 21 year old guy got kicked out of a park for life when he decided to have sex with a tree in sight of others. You had better not do that because no matter what you are fucking, people do not want to see it in public! In addition, if you are going to fuck a hole in a tree, take a peek inside with a flashlight to make sure that there is nothing in there that is going to bite you or scratch you. That would be a hard injury to explain.

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Dirty Talk

“Talk dirty to me.”

-Common Adage


Dirty talk is just what is sounds like. It is when you talk out loud all of the nasty things you have been thinking about doing to your lover all damn day long and you try to get the words out just in the way you have been thinking about them. It usually involves discussing just what you want to do with your lover, and it can also involve descriptions about what you find hot about their bodies. Dirty talk can be hard at first but it is a skill that you can learn if you want to try. The way to learn is simply by exercising your creative dirty talk muscles.

Dirty Talk Tips

If you want to try dirty talk the best tip we can give you is to just be yourself and try to relax. That is how the words are going to flow out of you the best. If you want some inspiration, pick your favorite porn movie and describe that to your girl. You can also use inspiration from past sex sessions to fuel your verbal fire. Start by saying “remember that time we…” and then go on from there. If your girl is into it, then you will know quite quickly and be able to play off of their excitement for more inspiration!

When Dirty Talk Doesn’t Work

There are some times when dirty talk just isn’t appropriate. For example, if you start doing it and your partner just doesn’t seem into it, it’s probably good to just stop and then ask them what is going on with them. Another time it’s not appropriate is if you try to do it over the phone and your partner is at work or says they are busy. It’s embarrassing if they have to get up from their desk with a big stiffie or a wet spot on their chair for everyone to see!

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