Doll Fetish

“There are two kinds of people, those who love dolls and those who don’t yet know that they love dolls.”

-Gayle Wray


A doll fetish is when a person is attracted to dolls and other doll-like objects. This can include the desire to perform a sexual act with the doll, watch simulated interactions between dolls, or transforming someone into a doll. This is also known as agalmatophilia and object sexuality. 

Attractive Dolls Throughout History

The idea of sexy dolls is nothing new. Barbie has been the most notorious sexy doll and is a big inspiration for dollification, which is the transformation of a person into a doll. Throughout history there have also been dolls for adults or collectors, which are dolls not meant to be played with but meant to look at or collect. Dolls in ancient times were often made in the image of big breasted curvy women and used in fertility ceremonies, and were also collector items. 

Sex Doll Evolution

The first sex dolls were created in Germany in 1941 as a way to keep the military from contracting STDs. In 1980 the first sex robot was created in the UK. In 1996 the first realistic sex doll was created, known as the Real Doll. Real Dolls changed the way people thought about the doll fetish.  The Real Doll definitely appeals to doll fetishists, but because Real Dolls are so realistic they have extended their appeal way beyond the confines of this fetish. They are being used as sexual surrogates, for people with sexual disabilities, and for living out fantasies like threeways for people who want group sex without the group. Real Dolls have done a lot to bring agalmatophilia to the mainstream, and though they are still not considered common sexual tools they are now grouped into the category of sexual aids.

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