“That girl, like somethin off a poster that girl, is a dime they say.”



A dime is more than just a piece of American change that happens to be worth 10 cents. If you consult any dictionary of slang, including this one, you will find that a dime is a girl who is a perfect 10. She scores 10 out of 10 on the hotness scale and she often walks about town like she knows it. A dime might be slutty, or she might not be, but more usually than not they are more than happy to spread their legs for whatever guy might be wondering about their pussy. They are hot and they know it, and so they like to give everyone a taste.

How to Get a Dime

There are many people and books that offer advice on how to get hot ladies like a dime chick, who is a perfect 10. Some say you have to give them negative compliments to make them feel bad about themselves, but most people agree that the real way to get a girl like a dime into your bed is to be yourself and to use your smooth moves to woo her. Just be chill and woo her with your winning personality if your body isn’t quite as dimey as she is right now!

Where to Find Dimes

If you can’t score a dime on your own, there are many porn movies that will help you live out your fantasy of seeing a super hot girl. If you simply look up “Dime porn” on your favorite search engine you will become presented with tons of videos showing the hottest women in the most compromising scenarios. If you want the true dime experience then you could choose a POV video so you can see what it is like to fuck them.

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