Cum Swapping

“Friendship is never anything but sharing.”

-Elie Wiesel

What is Cum Swapping

When at least two girls get together to have a hot threesome with at least one guy, if they are the best of friends they might decide to swap the results of that threesome between them, from mouth to mouths. Cum swapping, also sometimes called Snowballing, is when freaks spit jizz out of their mouths into their friend’s mouth. It’s a messy affair that some find disgusting but that’s part of what others find so appealing about it. You’ll love watching this exotic sex act after a hot threesome.

Making it Real

If you want to experiment with cum swapping first you have to find two ladies who you want to have a threesome with. It shouldn’t be too hard to find them with all of the swinger and group sex dating sites around, or if you already have a girlfriend, maybe she has a cute friend that you have been interested in for a while that you want to bring in. Either way, you should discuss your fantasy beforehand and then you should also know everyone’s status as far as STIs goes. This is because everyone is going to be ingesting your sexual fluids and that means there is an increased risk of transmission of things.

Cum Swapping Before You Cum

Cum Swapping is seriously one of the most fun fetishes to explore. It’s messy and you will have a blast watching hot girls getting your splooge all over the place. However, it should be noted that some people lose interest in anything sexual once they cum, and they may not be as interested in seeing the cum swapping after they have already reached orgasm. They might rather watch cum swapping in a porn movie when their own sexual tension is still quite high.

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