Curly Hair

“Almost every day, someone asks if I ever flat iron my hair. I’m just afraid it wouldn’t come back curly.”

-Carrot Top


Curly hair is hair that is tightly or loosely kinked. Some scientists believe that it evolved as an even greater protection for the scalp and brain against the sun’s strong rays. There are many types of curly hair and some of them, like certain textures of hair on black people, are spongy and sculptural in texture, while others have curly locks. White curly hair tends to be wavier, though there are some cultures which have people who have tight curls and puffy curls. Curly hair is often thought of as inferior to straight hair, but both are valid options for cuteness.

Curly Haired Pornstars and Celebrities

While straight hair is often lauded more than curly hair, there are still a number of successful curly haired pornstars and celebrities. Audrey Hollander is a redhead who had a big and fun career in the porn biz, and Misty Stone likes to wear her hair natural, giving it an awesome curly appearance. As for celebrities, Solange Knowles, Beyonce’s sister, almost always wears her curly hair natural and it looks excellent with her cute smile. Blonde Blake Lively also has long curls that look great when she lets them shine.

Cumshot Curls

One of the best things to do with curly hair is jizz deep in that nest of curls and watch her lover shampoo herself with your genetic goo. Often you cum will enhance her curls and as it dries in her hair you can end up with some very exotic hair styles. Many cum walk videos centered around having women walk through public places covered in cum feature curly haired pornstars for exactly that reason.

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