“Love isn’t a choice. You fall for the person, not their chromosomes.”

-I.W. Gregorio, None of the Above

Definition of Intersex

Being intersex refers to a person who has both male and female reproductive organs or a combination of characteristics from both. It can also mean the chromosomal patterns of a person do not fall under the typical definitions of female and male. In some cases, an intersex person has genitals or other characteristics that do not clearly fit the usual definition of either a female body or a male one at all. In most cases these are sexual characteristics, involving the genitals or the reproductive system. That said, it is not uncommon for an intersex person to look or present as either strictly male or strictly female outside of their genitals. Being intersex is a genetic condition that some people are born with and not a gender expression. With a congenital anomaly of the reproductive and sexual systems, intersex people are sometimes born with external genitalia, internal reproductive organs and/or an endocrine system that are different than most other people. The intersex term encompasses a variety of body types and situations.

Intersex As An Identity & Its Sexualization

If you are an intersex person, know that intersex does not have to be your identity. You are a unique individual, and while many people do claim intersex as part of their identity, it does not confine you to a specific gender identification. Most people who are intersex identify as men or women, though there are also many who identify as non-binary as well. In terms of the adult entertainment industry, there are pornstars who are intersex, and their videos can be found on specialty sites. That said, there is some controversy about the sexualization of intersex people, who themselves can have varying opinions when addressing that controversy.

The Bottom Line About Being Intersex

Intersex people can be born with any of several variations in sexual characteristics, including chromosomes, genitalia, sex hormones, and more. While they do not fit the typical definition of male or female, most identify as one of the two. They may have characteristics of both sexes externally, or they may also externally show the characteristics of only one sex. Some folks are fascinated by intersex people, and while some identify as intersex publicly, many do not, either for privacy reasons or to avoid being discriminated against or sexually objectified. Whether you are intersex or are seeking out more information about intersex people, we hope you found this article useful.

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“No nude, however abstract, should fail to arouse in the spectator some vestige of erotic feeling, even if it be only the faintest shadow – and if it does not do so it is bad art and false morals.”

-Kenneth Clark


Iconolagny refers to finding sexual arousal by looking at naked statues of people.

The Fetish

The look of immobile bodies made of stone, metal, wood or other materials invokes an erotically charged response in the viewer, that may make them want to have sex or begin masturbating. This fetish can be enacted in public spaces or at a private residence, as long as there are statues of naked human bodies within view. Since naked statues of people have been around for as long as stone has been carved or wood has been whittled, this is most likely a very old fetish.

What To Do

Visiting a museum with a sculpture garden is definitely one way that you can enact this fetish, but be prepared for it to be very public when you get excited. If so, you may be able to enact a fantasy of public sex with a partner as well – just make sure you won’t get in trouble with security. Making erotic friends with their own collections of naked sculptures may also be a way to go, or establishing connections with professional sculptors that create them. Finding a sculptor that can form nude sculptures, or possibly even learning how to sculpt them yourself would take your kink to a whole new level! There are a number of different ways to pursue an erotic interest in naked sculptures, but finding others that may share this interest will take a bit of conversation.

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“Reality doesn’t impress me. I only believe in intoxication, in ecstasy, and when ordinary life shackles me, I escape, one way or another. No more walls.”

― Anaïs Nin


The intoxication fetish involves the imbibing of drugs or alcohol during or before sexual intercourse. This kink should always be one that is consented to by both parties ahead of time, due to the impaired nature of judgement that can come from these substances. It is important to know if your partner is under the influence of any substances, and to know ahead of time before substances are taken that this type of play is consensually desired.

Safety Precautions

There are plenty of folks that get drunk or partake in drugs and then have sex with other people, but it’s always important that this is consensual. Finding trusted partners that will take drugs or drink with you and then partake in sexual play is important if this is your kink and should better not be done with strangers, especially ones that don’t know you’re intoxicated. If you are going to involve any sort of BDSM play with intoxication, it is best that the one performing any violent actions, wielding any tools or being in control is more on the side of sober than not. With any implements that can cause more damage to the body like knives, paddles, whips or floggers, it is always best that the wielder has all of their senses about them.

What To Do

This can be a dangerous fetish, due to the impairment of judgement caused by being intoxicated. It is best to perform this fetish with a partner, or partners, that you trust implicitly, and have already discussed the boundaries and limitations around what you wish to have done while under the influence. Don’t take this kink lightly, and you’ll be able to enjoy very pleasurable experiences while under the influence with consensual partners that have already agreed to the experience.

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Impact Play

“Stripes that wound scour away evil, and strokes reach the innermost parts.”

-Proverbs 20:30


Impact play is defined as any activity that involves striking someone with either body parts or external implements. This kink can be performed on someone through hitting, flogging, punching, spanking, paddling, whipping, or by any number of ways in which a body can be struck. Impact play has many levels of intensity and how strong a form of this play is desired should be determined ahead of time.

The Fetish

There are a large number of tools and items that can be used in this fetish. A St. Andrew’s Cross is a common piece of BDSM furniture used to strap willing participants to, as are large O-rings, spanking horses (similar to gymnastics horses) and other forms of restraint. Restraints aren’t always used, but they are common with this kink so that the recipient of the impact doesn’t move during play. If the person being hit moves too much during impact play there is a chance that they may be struck accidentally in a more dangerous area than the one that was agreed upon. Spanking or striking a willing participant’s ass is a very common form of enacting this fetish, since that act is often associated with dominance or a form of penance. The buttocks are also a part of the body with fatty tissue, hence no injury will come to muscles or tendons during the scene.

What To Do

Impact play is an extremely common fetish, but not one that is always enacted properly. If you and your partner are exploring this together for the first time, it’s a good idea to look up videos or writings around good techniques for impact play. If you have someone using tools other than their hands, make sure they are familiar with the use of their implement so that the pain or bodily harm they cause is intentional and not detrimental to your body in a lasting fashion. There are also plenty of online groups about impact play and they will be able to field any questions you have if articles and videos aren’t enough.

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Internal Cumshots

“She loses control over her body. Her every nerve ending screams in pleasure as his thick cock throbs inside of her, filling the void with warmth…”

-Vivien Valentine


Internal cumshots are a fetish revolving around having your sexual partner cum inside of you while you engage in intercourse. This can be achieved through vaginal or anal penetration, but anal play is recommended if you are trying to avoid impregnation and aren’t on birth control. For people with this kink, creampies increase the excitement of sexual contact and can even push the receiving party into an orgasm of their own.

The Fetish

This kink can involve deep penetration or just the tip of the penis inserted into either an ass or a vagina, depending on what level of feeling excites you the most. With deeper penetration the full length of the penis is into the orifice when ejaculation begins, and that depth often brings about a more intense orgasm for the recipient due to the level of intimacy. Using just the tip of the penis accentuates the visual element of the creampie, which might be part of the appeal for some people.

This fetish is more commonly practiced between sexual partners that don’t have sex with many other people or at least always use protection with their other partners. Cumming inside of another person is often considered one of the highest levels of sexual intimacy, and it’s that intimacy that often makes this such an intense fetish. The physical feeling does add to the orgasmic sensation of the kink as well, and for some may be the sole reason for it.

What To Do

There is a much higher level of STI transmission involved in sex without protection, so it is best to enact this fetish with long-term partners that get tested often or use protection with any other people they have intercourse with. Make sure you know the sexual practices of your partners and that they are aware of yours as well, in order to create the safest space to enact this kink. If you are able to get pregnant, make sure you use an alternate form of birth control or choose anal penetration when playing with internal cumshots, since condoms are obviously out of the question. With these precautions you can decrease any anxiety around this kink and fully enjoy the experience of a creampie without the worry that often surrounds it.

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“Most of us are imprisoned by something. We’re living in darkness until something flips on the switch.”

-Wynonna Judd


An imprisonment fetish is a fixation with being locked inside of any sort of cage, room, casket, or any other isolated space. This often has elements of consensual torture as well, possibly involving poking or prodding through cage bars, teasing, taunting, or belittling. Shame play is a common combination with the imprisonment kink.

The Fetish

People who are into imprisonment as a fetish often meet with other like-minded individuals that enjoy imprisoning others, to create a scene centered on the feeling of being caged and controlled. This is often accomplished with portable cages that are used for animals and can be moved easily from space to space, so that scenes of imprisonment can be played out in many places. If there is access to actual holding cells or if caskets are on hand, those are also within the realms of the imprisonment kink and are commonly used between individuals to play out this fetish.

What To Do

It’s important to remember that acting out this kink will relinquish any control you have over your freedom, unless you are in a cage that can be unlocked or undone from the inside, so you need to do this with individuals you trust. That being said, there are plenty of online groups where you can discuss different forms of imprisonment. When approaching interested parties either online or offline, make sure you can check their background through other people you trust. You can also explore this fetish further in public dungeon settings, which will give a greater sense of safety since you will have others around to watch what goes on. Remember to have a safe-word for when you are ready to be done and out of your imprisonment, especially if taunting you while imprisoned is part of your fetish.

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“Italian women are some of the most beautiful in the world.”

-Craig Ferguson


Italy is a land full of romance and imagination. It’s a country with a rich history, and is well known for having some of the most beautiful women around. There are many stories of sexiness and romance that come from this land. Of course, Italian porn is quite passionate. There isn’t a whole lot of Italian porn around but you can find some and there are some Italian pornstars who are quite popular. You have to watch it to find out why people love Italian women so much! Once you do, it will be easy to see that Italy is about more than just pasta and pizza.

Italian Stars

There have been some really popular Italian stars over the years. Perhaps the most popular Italian pornstar is Valentina Nappi. She has really made a name for herself in the American market. Everyone loves her for her beautiful body and her cute accent which makes her even more sexy. There is another Italian pornstar who caused quite a stir a few years ago because her first name is the same as a popular animated movie. Her name is Moana Pozzi and she is sort of a MILF type who has been around for years in the Italian industry.

Finding an Italian Woman

If you want to find an Italian woman or guy to date, then you don’t have to look very far. While still different from an Italian born and raised in Italy, there are plenty of Italian-Americans and other people of Italian descent all around. In fact there are so many that there aren’t really any specific dating sites for them. If you ask anyone in the US about where they are from, probably one out of 3 people you meet will have a little bit of Italian in them!

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“Dates are just interviews for sex.”



An interview can be one of two things. You can have an interview for a job, where someone asks you a lot of questions about yourself to see if you would be a good fit for the position. An interview can also be done by a reporter with a person of note who wants to tell all about themselves and their experiences to the person giving the interview. Interviews in general are not very sexy, but there is a common fantasy where the interview will turn into a hot sex session. There is also the classic porn scenario of tricking people into thinking they are interviewing for a music video dancer job or a modelling gig, but then fucking them on the casting couch instead!

Making it Happen

It wouldn’t be recommended to actually try to randomly bang someone that you are interviewing for an actual job. This would probably be frowned upon by whoever you work for. However, there is no harm in a little bit of roleplaying. You can always play this game with your lover and set up an interview game in your home office or even just at the kitchen table. The best part is that you can tell your lover to wear their sluttiest office attire without fear of getting fired. There are also plenty of sexy porn movies about this topic to enjoy.

Interview Roleplay Ideas

If you want to do this roleplay, then you will have to think of some ideas. Of course the most basic idea is that they come in for a job interview for any type of position. Perhaps their shirt is a little bit too deep cut and their skirt a bit too short. Soon they are bent over your desk and you are pounding them. You can also pretend they are interviewing for a somewhat sexy position like a porn model or something like a stripper. Make them show off their moves for you before you give them what they really came for.

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“I don’t think India is a sex-starved nation.”

-Sunny Leone


Indian women are often considered exotic and beautiful, but people really don’t know much about their culture. There are actually a lot of different cultures in India and they all have different rules about sex and sexuality, though most of them are quite conservative. However, there are some Indian women who break those stereotypes and they are quite controversial. Indian women are known for their tan skin, beautiful brown and black hair and lovely almond-shaped brown eyes. Indian porn is a pretty popular niche these days because the country is becoming more open to people making porn movies.

Popular Indians in Pop Culture

One of the most famous Indians to porn enthusiasts is Sunny Leone. She used to be a pornstar and then she moved back to India to become a hot Desi Bollywood star. She has found a great deal of success even though most of the roles she has played thus far are theatrical versions of her own self. Another girl you might know about is the popular Indian pornstar Priya Rai. She is super sexy! She started in the porn biz back in 2007, and since she was 29 already at the time she has a bit of a MILF flavoring. Nadia Nyce is another Indian pornstar who is a clear classic. She was mostly popular in the 90s but she left her mark on everyone’s memory.

Finding an Indian Partner

If you want to try dating someone who is Indian you should just do it already! There are online dating sites that are specifically for Indian people and you can find either a guy or a girl to date there. There are some stereotypes about Indian people that you should ignore because you need to remember that everyone is an individual person with their own thoughts and interests. And no, Indian people don’t all smell like curry, so just forget that idea right now!

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Intercrural Fucking

“Let me shipwreck in your thighs.”

-Dylan Thomas


Intercrural fucking is a fancy way to say thigh fucking. It’s when a guy takes his dick and sticks it in the fleshy area near a woman’s genitals. Some women have a thigh gap that makes this more ideal for fucking, but others can just lube up their thighs and make a happy home for any phallus to pass through. Also known as a thigh job, because it happens in between the thighs, it’s important to keep in mind this practice usually foreplay rather than a replacement for sex. If you give someone a thigh job you had better also work to get them off afterwards, though in some instances couples rely on intercrural sex to supplement their libido if a woman is unable for medical reasons to have vaginal sex due to a recent surgery or some other inhibiting factor. It is also sometimes known as the “Ivy League Rub” because it is one of the first experimental activities gay guys get info when they go off to college.

Why The Thigh?

Lots of people give thigh jobs for reasons of fertility. If you don’t cum inside of a pussy, there is a much lower risk of getting pregnant. In addition, sometimes a guy uses intercrural sex as a way to stimulate the clitoris because they fuck in between the thighs and brush over the clit based on the direction that they go in. Otherwise, some people who have a leg fetish try it because they just love legs so much that they want to have sex with them!


Thigh fucking was very popular in homosexual relationships in Ancient Greece. This is because anal sex was considered demeaning to the person receiving it, and the guys needed to have some way to get it on together. Throughout history gays have been trying it if they weren’t really into butt sex, and it is even rumored that Oscar Wilde preferred this act to other forms of sex. Nowadays it’s just something that anyone can try and it is easy to do so. If you feel like giving it a shot, just put some lube on your thighs and make it happen!

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