“Dates are just interviews for sex.”



An interview can be one of two things. You can have an interview for a job, where someone asks you a lot of questions about yourself to see if you would be a good fit for the position. An interview can also be done by a reporter with a person of note who wants to tell all about themselves and their experiences to the person giving the interview. Interviews in general are not very sexy, but there is a common fantasy where the interview will turn into a hot sex session. There is also the classic porn scenario of tricking people into thinking they are interviewing for a music video dancer job or a modelling gig, but then fucking them on the casting couch instead!

Making it Happen

It wouldn’t be recommended to actually try to randomly bang someone that you are interviewing for an actual job. This would probably be frowned upon by whoever you work for. However, there is no harm in a little bit of roleplaying. You can always play this game with your lover and set up an interview game in your home office or even just at the kitchen table. The best part is that you can tell your lover to wear their sluttiest office attire without fear of getting fired. There are also plenty of sexy porn movies about this topic to enjoy.

Interview Roleplay Ideas

If you want to do this roleplay, then you will have to think of some ideas. Of course the most basic idea is that they come in for a job interview for any type of position. Perhaps their shirt is a little bit too deep cut and their skirt a bit too short. Soon they are bent over your desk and you are pounding them. You can also pretend they are interviewing for a somewhat sexy position like a porn model or something like a stripper. Make them show off their moves for you before you give them what they really came for.

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