“I wish I had invented jeans, they have expression, modesty, sex appeal and simplicity.”

-Yves St. Laurent


Blue jeans were invented by Levi Strauss and Jacob Davis in the 1800s. They are pants made from denim. They were actually named after the city of Genoa in Italy, where the original denim fabric was made, and it was called Jean. Levi was a dry goods merchant and Jacob was a tailor. He bought a bunch of denim from Levi to make sturdy pants that would hold up in wild west. The pants were a success and a big business partnership was born that still survives to this day. Everyone wears jeans and it’s no surprise that some people have a fetish for these durable and fashionable garments, as they look great on everyone.

Jeans Fetish

Some people actually have a jeans fetish. It may have stemmed from seeing some hot chicks wearing denim early on in life but it can also just develop randomly. When you have this fetish you would probably rather fuck someone on the outside of their pants if they are wearing jeans! It’s not selfish if that’s the way you’d like to get off. It’s an easy fetish to apply because you can always just buy your lover a nice pair of blue jeans and then fuck them! You won’t have to buy any expensive fetish equipment or anything like that.

Blue Jeans Porn

It’s actually fairly easy to find blue jeans porn. Jeans are something pornstars often wear simply because it is the way that people dress in this day and age. They might wear blue jeans as pants, denim shorts, and maybe even a jean jacket to keep them warm on a cold day. It’s really easy for just about anyone to find jeans and denim to wear, so you’re in luck if this is what you’re into.

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