“Whatever may be their use in civilized societies, mirrors are essential to all violent and heroic action.”

-Virginia Woolf, A Room of One’s Own


Katoptronophilia is a kink where someone really likes to have sex in front of mirrors, or when a person gets really turned on by seeing their own reflection in a mirror. To fulfill this fetish, you can meet with people in rooms that have a lot of mirrors, so that you can watch the action through the mirrors while you have sex. Katoptronophilia can also be applied to masturbatory practices in front of reflective surfaces, and doesn’t require you to necessarily have a partner.

Seeking A Reflection

Finding a hotel room with well positioned mirrors, or creating that reflective space in your own abode, will be fairly easy to come by. There are many people that love watching themselves and their partners while they have sex with each other, and you most likely won’t have to go onto any chat forums to find this shared kink. With mirrors being a fairly common turn on for a number of folks, there are already many motels and hotels, that will provide rooms for the reflection-centric among us.

Mirror Masturbation

This kink can also be applied to masturbating in front of a mirror, if you’re not looking for a partner to participate with you. Standing and placing a mirror below you, while positioning mirrors at on all four walls around the room, will grant you a spectacular view from all sides of touching yourself. If you do have a partner with you, and want the ground’s-eye view of having sex with each other, then be sure that both of you plant your feet on either side of the mirror, with enough space to move a bit, so that you don’t end up breaking any glass.

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