“A woman’s orgasm is such a fragile thing.”

-Megan Hart


Kunyaza is a sexual practice from East Africa meant to help women have orgasms easier. It originated in an area that now encompasses the countries of Rwanda, Burundi, Uganda, Tanzania and the DRC. The tradition started only 100 years ago, when the rumor was that a queen wanted to fuck one of her guards. He couldn’t say no to his queen, but he was so nervous that he couldn’t get his dick in her pussy, and instead he rubbed it on the outside of her box while only semi-hard. She thought it felt so good that it developed into a popular practice among mates in the region.

How To Kunyaza

Kunyaza is a fetish centered on the idea of a guy rubbing his semi-hard dick against the clit and labia of his female lover. There is actually an order of operations. First, the guy stimulates the pussy lips for a while with his dick. Then when arousal starts to happen, he stimulates the clit as well as the entrance to the vagina. It sounds like a big tease that similar to any regular sex session, and also has some things in common with tantra. In many cases, this is done along with the local practice of labia stretching, which some say makes the labia more sensitive. Kunyaza is said to also cause a higher likelihood that the females involved will be able to squirt orgasmically during sex.

Cultural Significance

In Rwanda, a woman is not necessarily considered sexually successful unless she can squirt, and this practice tends to help with that requirement. Even though in the west we think that stimulating the g-spot is the best way to reach squirting orgasms, African cultures have discovered this other way. Perhaps it’s simply that the arousal has to grow stronger and then women are more likely to squirt because their desire is simply higher. The fact is, more foreplay is always better, and your cock is a much more sensitive appendage to use for pre-heating her vagina than any boney finger or sharp fingernail could ever be in real practice.

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