“Bring out your dead.”

-Monty Python and the Holy Grail


Necrophilia is an attraction to corpses or the desire to have sex with dead people. 


There are written accounts all throughout history that talk about necrophilia. Typically the writing is against the practice and not in support of it. The Histories, written in 430 BCE, says that the ancient Egyptians would leave beautiful women to decay for three or fours days before embalming them to discourage intercourse.  In ceramics found in Northern Peru dating from the first to eighth century CE, there were images depicting necrophilia. A Hittite law from the 16th to 13th century BCE explicitly permitted necrophilia.  The Xianbei Emperor Murong Xi had sex with the corpse of his empress. During the Renaissance era in Italy there were many pieces of literature that referenced necrophilia. The most famous modern example is Jeffrey Dahmer. He was a serial killer who kept body parts of his victim and would have sex with the body parts. 

Play Dead!

The only way to have truly safe and legal necrophilia is to roleplay. There are many ways a partner can roleplay necrophilia, from simply playing dead to getting into full cosplay and wearing makeup like they are dead. Depending on the type of fantasy, it could include a death scene where someone dies and then their partner has sex with them or the more traditional where they come upon the “dead body” and have sex with it. In the roleplay, the person playing dead can have no reaction to the sex or it breaks the fantasy.

Vampires and Zombies

There is debate on whether sex with a vampire or zombie would count as necrophilia. On one hand they are both dead, but they also have some kind of animation or consciousness. While typcially sex with a zombie or vampire is not considered necrophilia, there are heavy necrophilia overtones in both vampire and zombie stories. It’s more like erotic versions of these myths are edging on necrophilia.

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“It’s not how you pick your nose, it’s where you put that booger that counts.”

-Tre Cool


Nasolingus is the act of licking or sucking on someone’s nose in a sexual fashion. It can also include eating the snot from the person’s nose. 

A Nose for Sex

Any part of the body can be sexy. To find a specific, not usually considered erogenous, part of the body sexy is often called a paraphilia. Nasolingus is a perfect example of paraphilia, because those that love doing it have a sexual attraction to the nose. This attraction goes beyond visual – a person with a nasolingus fetish wants to act out on their attraction and engage in sexual activity with the nose. Typically a sexual encounter with a nose will include sucking and licking, including sticking their tongue up inside the nostrils. For many people, if they are able to suck out snot it is considered a wonderful bonus. Sometimes sex with a nose can include finger penetration but typically it is about the tongue.


There are a few risks with nasolingus. First, sucking someone’s snot is not a good idea. Our body expels bacteria and contaminants out of our body through mucus. Snot is the product of our lymphatic system cleaning itself. This means that snot is a gooey mess of bacteria. Eating this can lead to infection. Sucking snot out of someone’s nose can also lead to infection for the suckee.  Sucking with too much pressure can lead to sinus infections. Additionally, the human mouth is not clean. Sticking your tongue in someone’s nose can introduce harmful bacteria leading to a sinus infection, or other kind of infections. 

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“If you can remove a female character from your plot and replace her with a sexy lamp and your story still works, you’re a hack.”

-Kelly Sue DeConnick


Narratophilia is a fetish where someone finds words and stories to be sexually arousing. Often it is actuated by a partner telling dirty or obscene stories or using dirty words. For some narratophiliacs even writing dirty words can be arousing. 

Erotic History

Though narratophilia is more than just erotic stories, it typically concerns dirty stories. A lot of dirty stories have their history in erotica. Something that was written hundreds of years ago may sound like tame erotica or barely arousing now, but at the time could have been very taboo.  The history of erotica shows us that people have been enjoying, to various degrees, sexual and dirty stories since storytelling first began.

In the 17th and 18th centuries there were a number of poets who became quite famous for their dirty verses. In the 1600s John Wilmon, Earl of Rochester, was infamous for his obscene verses. Some of his poems were so obscene that they continued to be censored until 1953. He is so infamous that a movie called the Libertine, starring Johnny Depp, was made about his life. So popular was dirty writing that an underground magazine circulated in the mid-late 1800s called The Pearl. The Pearl was a dirty magazine that featured stories and images that ranged from erotic to obscene.

A Movie in the Mind

Obscene sexual storytelling is akin to watching a pornographic movie for a narratophiliac. The stories can be told in person, over the phone, or even on a recording. But the most affecting is by a live person on the phone or in person. 

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Nerd Boys

“Be nice to nerds. You might end up working for them one day.”

-Charles J. Sykes


A nerd guy is a dude who might lack social skills, typically wears glasses, and can easily get obsessed with computers or technical stuff. There are all sorts of nerds and being a nerd used to be considered a bad thing, but now opinions have gradually changed. All the people who used to be nerds are now high-powered technical executives or popular in online fandoms. However, there are other types of nerd men. These are guys who live in their mom’s basement and fap to porn all day while making sure that they leave their internet comments on everything, whether it’s helpful or not. There are nerds who are in the medical field who love to have a good time in the science lab. And there are nerds who enjoy playing video games. Whatever type of nerd you are, there are gamer girls for you!

Nerd Porn

Did you know there is porn just for nerds? There is porn where girls are playing your favorite video games and they can even play with you live on webcam. There is also porn where chicks are reading books and just overall being nerdy. For some guys all it takes is a chick in glasses to get off! If you like things old-school then you can easily see that the old trope of the sexy librarian turned into the nerdy pornstar of today.

Find Your Own Nerd

Porn is great but don’t you want to find your own nerd to date in real life? If you do, then you will want to get onto a nerd dating site, or find one that is specific to your favorite hobby. Nerds are the future or so they say. This is because they have lots of ideas for the future and knowledge about technology. There are even nerdy dating events for people in certain industries that are quite nerdalicious. If you’re a dork don’t fret, there is even someone out there for you to date.

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Needle Play

“Life is pain, highness. Anyone who says differently is selling something.”

-William Goldman


Needle play is a kind of sexual activity that is done by people who have been trained how to put needles through skin in a safe and sexy way. It’s a painful type of play that creates some beautiful results when done well, and with a good intention. Many people like to create needle corsets or beautiful play piercing designs on their submissives. Some get off on the true trust and submission that it takes in order to do this kind of play. Others love the endorphin rush that comes from the pain of so many piercings in a play session.

It’s Safe, With Training

If you’ve been trained to play with needles then it can be safe. Don’t try to just randomly stick people with needles though, because you can make them very sick if you don’t know about proper sterilization. In addition, you should protect yourself from bloodborne pathogens by using gloves, in case things get messy. As with many sexual activities, it’s best if you know the STI status of your play partners. Needle tops should always use fresh, new hypodermic or acupuncture needles, and should never reuse the needles. Skin should be thoroughly cleaned with an antiseptic before doing a scene with needles, and a basic knowledge of human anatomy is also helpful.

On The Hook

One extreme form of play piercing is known as hook suspension. Usually needle play and play piercing are like a gateway to this type of play. Those who enjoy this play get large hooks strategically placed in their bodies. Then they are hung up from these hooks by experts who know how to not leave any lasting damage to the body. It seems extreme but it’s actually something that has been part of a few tribal religious ceremonies in the past. Nowadays it is usually done by a small group of people who are experts and know how to work together to give someone an awesome suspension experience.

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Natural Boobs

“Many women think you need big boobs but I’m the living proof that you can get by with small ones.”

-Cameron Diaz


Natural boobs belong to chicks who haven’t gone under the knife at all. They may have big tits or small ones but they haven’t ever decided to enhance them. You might not believe that a girl can have nice tits without a boob job but if you think that then you haven’t really seen too many pornstars! There are a lot of babes in porn whose big tits are actually 100% real. Natural tits are nice, but so are fake ones. Sure, you’re entitled to your preferences but let’s be real… tits are amazing no matter what size or how a girl got them!

Pornstars with Natural Tits

Lana Rhoades is a pornstar who has size 32D tits that are completely natural. She quickly became one of the most in-demand pornstars, partially because of her all natural boobies. Kylie Page is another girl with amazing natural 34G boobs and she truly loves to show off those natural huge knockers! Siri is another famous curvy girl with huge 32H breasts. You need to check out these girls and all the other ones who are also natural up top!

Natural Vs. Fake

Why do some people prefer natural tits over fake ones? Well, they have a certain texture. They are firm yet forgiving, and they fall naturally on the body. Fake tits can be kind of hard and have a… well, unnatural feeling. Natural boobs have the tendency to look better on a person, whereas with fake tits if they didn’t get a good job done then they might look too stretched out or weird! If you want to feel the difference just head out to the strip club and try to feel the tits of natural chicks and unnatural ones – after getting their permission, of course. You’ll learn the difference soon enough!

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Netflix and Chill

“It’s no good pretending that any relationship has a future if your record collections disagree violently or if your favorite films wouldn’t even speak to each other if they met at a party.”

-Nick Hornby


Netflix and chill is a term millennials started using as a euphemism for promiscuous sex without the traditional dating rituals that used to happen before liberated women began fucking for fun. When someone invites you over to Netflix And Chill you might be imagining that you will be hanging out, watching a movie, possibly snuggling. However, the person who invited you over probably has other ideas.

Hookup Choices

What you watch before the hookup literally doesn’t matter because you will probably not be watching it for a very long time at all. You can watch a sexy thriller or a film about some indigenous cultures that don’t wear any clothes. Ironically Netflix doesn’t allow any kind of porn on their platform (yet) so finding a good fuck film there can be tricky. Focus on something that sounds good in the background, or at least make sure it isn’t something that will break the mood while you are boning your new booty call partner.

You Can Fuck Without Netflix Too!

Some people don’t like the idea of this modern sexual convention because they would rather have partner who is up front about how much they like the other person or how much they want to hook up with them. However, others like that they have a way to get someone over to their house for a potential hook up and if it doesn’t work out, they can always watch a movie instead of hooking up. It’s up to you to decide if you want to be direct or have a cover up story! Either way, there are high chances that the person you invite over to watch a movie probably knows that Netflix and Chill really means only pretending to watch a movie.

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“It is impossible to remain indifferent to Japanese Culture.”

-Alain Ducasse


Nanpa is a unique type of flirting and seduction that is popular in Japan right now. It mainly refers to when men pursue women, but when the opposite happens it is called gyakunan. The term basically means “girl hunting” and it refers to when guys don’t feel like talking about work or scholarly pursuits, but would rather focus on the lighter things in life like girls who giggle and look cute all the time. It comes in the form of groups of guys gathering in person and approaching live Japanese girls in the hopes of scoring a date.

Does it Work?

Well, outside of Japan, and especially in the US, approaching a woman as a group of guys might seem kind of scary to the girl involved, but it can be done, if you do it with respect and have a genuine appreciation for her. Don’t make it about how hot she is, make it about how you’re looking to meet someone new and she seems interesting, and no matter how attractive you think she is – always start with a simple and non-threatening line of introduction. If you find yourself in Japan, you will see that there are mixed feeling about Nanpa from girls who are approached often. The strange part of this freaky behavior is that prior to the Internet this was considered the normal way to meet a mate, but now that everyone is using their phone or computer to match make, just walking up to a girl with your friends is starting to be seen as abnormal by some ladies.

Nanpa Fun or Sexual Harassment?

In Japan, Nanpa is often banned from certain places because ladies want to be able to move through the world without being asked out all the time. They hope to be seen as more than just datable or sexual creatures, and they want to be taken seriously. However, other women love the attention that nanpa brings to them and they think it is a whole lot of fun. You’ll have to try it yourself to determine if you think it is all in good fun, or if it is something that crosses a line and makes people mad.

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Nose Fetish

“Any nose, may ravage with impunity a rose.”

-Robert Browning


Some people find something about the nose so alluring that they just cannot leave it alone during sex. It is an appendage on the face that some feel has other uses besides serving as the olfactory center of the body and helping to get air into the lungs. To some, it’s another appendage, like a cock or finger, that can help to get pleasure, and to others it’s something else that adds a whole new flavor to their BDSM activities since it is a very sensitive area of the body to torment with clips, clamps or simply fingers. Plus, exploring the nose usually makes people feel very exposed and vulnerable which is another plus to BDSM tops.

Nasal Fantasies

Another alternative way to play out a nasal fantasy is to have it be part of an elaborate fairytale like Pinocchio, in which the puppet’s nose grows longer every time he tells a lie. Perhaps you dream of having a nose so long it can be used like a cock! Others enjoy wearing the nose of lesser beings, like the ones who roll around in the mud, or others who howl at the moon. Wearing these noses pushes home the humiliation and degradation they crave, and they also enjoy the objectification that comes along with this idea.

The Nose Knows

The nose is a mucus membrane which means that is sensitive and can get easily irritated and infiltrated with germs and stuff that will make a person sick. If you are using things inside or on the nose, make sure to wash your hands and also be aware of a person’s STI status. It would be rare for something to be transmitted through boogers but it could be possible, so it’s always better to know.

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“Charm is the ability to insult people without offending them; nerdiness is the reverse.”

-Nassim Nicholas Taleb


If you like nerdy girls then you will love chicks in glasses and vice versa. There are many different aspects to the idea of liking nerdy people. For some it is the smarts and brains that come with that person, and in that case it is sometimes called sapiosexual or sapiophilia. If you love someone who has a PhD you will probably fall into that category. Others love gamer girls or hotties that know their star movie and TV show scenarios. Whichever kind of nerd you like, you should rest assured that there are plenty of them in the world.

Getting Your Geek On

It can be hard to find a hot nerd but there are places you can look. If you want to find the right one, you should search for nerdy dating sites like ones that focus on fans of the same activities that you like. There are dating sites for science nerds and ones for those who like girls with glasses. There is pretty much a dating site for everyone. Once you have found a nerdy girl you can always bring your smarts into the bedroom by spouting nerdy facts whenever you are fucking or by making your date wear their glasses while you are pounding them.

Nerding Out

If you do fall in love or lust with nerd, just be careful not to spend so much time nerding out that you don’t even get to talk about what you like to do in bed. Nerds are some of the most sexy people ever because their minds are expanded so they have the ability to think outside of the box when it comes to sexuality. Get your fill of nerd sex by watching nerdy gamer girl porn or by finding your own hottie to get it on with.

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