Jerk Off Instructions (JOI)

“We have reason to believe that man first walked upright to free his hands for masturbation.”

-Lily Tomlin


JOI (or jerk off instructions) refers to a person giving someone explicit instructions on how they should masturbate. It is most often instructions for penis self-pleasure, and a popular niche for fetish content creators.

The Fetish

This is a common fetish for voyeurs that want to add more active participation in their voyeurism. Having a sexual partner masturbate while receiving instructions on what you want them to do and how you want them to do it can elicit a powerful orgasm for both the voyeur and the active participant. If you are in a BDSM relationship that explores JOI, there may be certain restraints used to ensure the sub masturbates exactly how the dominant wants them to. Other ways to include JOI to your play can include someone restraining you and then masturbating you as you tell them to, or masturbating themselves as you instruct but without allowing you any access to their body.

What To Do

JOI isn’t that unusual as a kink, so it won’t be hard to find partners that will either want you to instruct them on masturbating or be willing to give you jerk-off instructions. Asking a sexual partner to participate in this fetish with you will probably excite them quite a bit, so have no worries about sharing this desire. There are also numerous fetish performers uploading both free and paid JOI content all over the Internet. If you’re looking for some exciting ideas on how to pursue this kink, finding online communities with other JOI enthusiasts or contacting professional Doms will certainly help! Toys may be introduced into masturbation instructions as well, such as ones with electric stimulation that you can control via a remote control. Using toys that can be controlled remotely may also give you the ability to pursue public JOI masturbation with your partner.

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“I wish I had invented jeans, they have expression, modesty, sex appeal and simplicity.”

-Yves St. Laurent


Blue jeans were invented by Levi Strauss and Jacob Davis in the 1800s. They are pants made from denim. They were actually named after the city of Genoa in Italy, where the original denim fabric was made, and it was called Jean. Levi was a dry goods merchant and Jacob was a tailor. He bought a bunch of denim from Levi to make sturdy pants that would hold up in wild west. The pants were a success and a big business partnership was born that still survives to this day. Everyone wears jeans and it’s no surprise that some people have a fetish for these durable and fashionable garments, as they look great on everyone.

Jeans Fetish

Some people actually have a jeans fetish. It may have stemmed from seeing some hot chicks wearing denim early on in life but it can also just develop randomly. When you have this fetish you would probably rather fuck someone on the outside of their pants if they are wearing jeans! It’s not selfish if that’s the way you’d like to get off. It’s an easy fetish to apply because you can always just buy your lover a nice pair of blue jeans and then fuck them! You won’t have to buy any expensive fetish equipment or anything like that.

Blue Jeans Porn

It’s actually fairly easy to find blue jeans porn. Jeans are something pornstars often wear simply because it is the way that people dress in this day and age. They might wear blue jeans as pants, denim shorts, and maybe even a jean jacket to keep them warm on a cold day. It’s really easy for just about anyone to find jeans and denim to wear, so you’re in luck if this is what you’re into.

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“The weak are meat; the strong eat.”

-Ancient Japanese Idiom


Japanese means anything that comes from the Eastern country of Japan, a series of islands far out in the Pacific Ocean. This country is known for its attention to detail and love of perfection in many different ways. They are a very sexual people but in somewhat unconventional ways. Japan is where rope bondage came from, and it is also where a lot of other sexual practices originated. Their porn is weird but strangely they are also a somewhat conservative country so all of the best parts of the porn – the cock and pussy are always blurred out. There are some authentic Japanese sites that avoid this somehow but they are few and far between.

The Girls

Japanese girls are adorable. They have beautiful brown almond-shaped eyes. They often walk knock-kneed because they think it is cute. When they get fucked they first mew like they are shy but then they moan and scream just like any other type of babe. Japanese girls are often petite with small breasts and hairy pussies, but with the spread of western culture more and more of them are coming to the scene with fake tits and shaved snatches. One of the most popular authentic Japanese pornstars in Marica Hase. She came to the US as a successful Japanese star and her fame only grew even more.


JAV stands for Japanese Adult Video. Anytime you see this you know you will be getting authentic Japanese porn. No Chinese smut, or Filipina porn mixed in. Just pure Japanese sex films! A major theme in JAV is a college schoolgirl wearing the traditional Japanese sailor schoolgirl outfit. There are also other themes that can honestly get kind of weird but that’s what everyone loves about it.

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Just the Tip

“It’s just the tip of the iceberg. Sooner or later we’re going to hit the stride.”

-Fred Smoot


Just the tip is a game that some people play. It’s kind of like a game of roulette, but not as much chance is involved. It is played a lot by people who are new in their relationships and by people who are in college and exploring their sexuality. Basically, the guy tell his girl that he is not going to fuck her all the way, which might be painful for her if she is new to having sex. So, he just puts the tip of his cock into her pussy and doesn’t go much further. Then he moves around a little bit, or doesn’t, but for guys who haven’t had too much sex in their lives, even that little bit of stimulation can be pretty exciting.

But Really, Just the Tip

A lot of guys like to play this game because they think that once the tip is in, the girl will want more, but what they don’t understand is that sex with a chick who is brand new to the act isn’t all that pleasant and it actually hurts quite a bit, so doing just the tip is probably all the girl will want to do. Don’t try to push her into doing more unless she suggests going that far because that wouldn’t be cool at all! Just the tip is a fun game and it exists for a reason, so use it that way!

Seriously, Honestly, Only Just The Tip

Some girls want to remain “pure” until marriage or until true love comes along. Perhaps it’s their religion that makes them think that way, or simply their morals. Whatever it is, you need to respect a girl’s wishes, and allow her to be the way she wants to. Some chicks simply don’t want the “stigma” of being a “slut,” a term which isn’t ever actually a bad thing, which can be put upon them if they live in a small town atmosphere where word travels fast when anyone has sex a lot! So they may like to do just the tip so that they don’t get labeled with those terms.

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