“We tend to associate gray with what is boring, but there are a thousand kinds of gray, and when combined with colors its varieties are endless”

-Krisztina Fehérváry


A grayromantic person is someone on the Aromantic scale that instead of being entirely aromantic experiences infrequent romantic attraction. This can also mean experiencing romantic attraction weakly, or feeling it but not wanting to act upon it. It can be a feeling of being alienated from romance or romance in very specific circumstances. It can also mean having difficulty identifying romantic attraction and how to delineate between romantic and non-romantic attraction, which can leave them feeling confused if they experienced romantic attraction at all.

Squishy Crushes

A grayromantic person can fall anywhere on the aromantic spectrum; from being interested in romance to being romance averse. Often times they experience squishes, where they have a strong desire to have a platonic relationship with someone. The relationship might then enter into ambiguous territory because a desire to romantically cuddle (or more) starts developing. Such cases typically mean that the Grayro person is OK with having a romantic relationship with the person or just staying friends. This is also known as an alterous attraction. The fluidity of Grayro can be confusing to some people, but grayromantic people tend to find comfort when they realize other people experience ambiguous attraction as well.

Grayromantic As An Umbrella Term

For some grayromantic people and others in the Aro community, Grayromantic is considered an umbrella term for many orientations between Alloromantic and Aromantic on the Aro spectrum. Some of these orientations are Akoiromantic (formerly known as Lithromantic), for people that experience romantic attraction without wanting it to be reciprocated, and Demiromantics that only experience romantic attraction after a close bond has been formed. In the same vein, the Recipromantic and WTFromantic orientations also belong under the Grayromantic umbrella.

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Greek Sex

“It takes a lifetime for someone to discover Greece but only an instant to fall in love with her.”

-Henry Miller


Greek sex is another way to say anal sex. How did this culture come to be known for anal sex? Well, the Ancient Greeks were quite the homoerotic set. They loved to have anal sex with each other and they saw vaginal sex as more for being all about procreation. The guys were having big orgies and it was well documented. The ladies were not having as much fun but people suspect that they might have been, but it’s just not documented very well. Those vases from Ancient Greece that depict people playing leapfrog? Yeah, they’re actually fucking in the butt!

How to Be Like the Greeks

If you want to try anal sex, it’s very simple. Make sure to use lots and lots of lubrication and go pretty slow. You first should use a few fingers to open up the person’s hole and stretch them out a little bit before going for gold, whether that it with a cock or a dildo. Even with those toys, go slow and never fully push anything in too hard. Allow the person’s butt hole to open up around it slowly. If you push it in too hard then they might feel some pain and you will have to take it out and try again. Nothing wrong with that, but best to avoid any sort of discomfort in the first place.

It’s Not Gay

If you’re a guy and you’ve been afraid to try anal with your lady because you think butt stuff makes you gay then you need to change your attitude stat. Guys have a prostate which makes for some really fun anal stuff. Some guys can even come just from prostate stimulation. Even if it is a little bit homoerotic who cares? You’re having fun and getting off, which should be the primary goal for anything sexy!

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“The gloves are like a second skin.”

-Imogen Heap


Gloves are a type of garment worn on the hands. They probably originated as a way to keep warm, but now there are gloves of many types, and many of them are quite sexual in nature. Others are more functional and help people get many different jobs done. There are gloves that help people out with fetishes, ones that help people have safer sex, and others that simply look great. You can wear gloves to keep you warm in the winter, or wear them to make sure you don’t give someone a scratch on the inside of their pussy or asshole with your sharp fingernails.

Safer Sex

Gloves are great for safer sex. If you are touching someone’s asshole, especially if you don’t know them that well, you will probably want to wear a glove made out of latex or nitrile. That’s because they will protect you from particles of gross substances getting onto your fingers and preventing you from having the best time possible, since you do not want to get any fecal matter on other body parts or holes. Plus, if you’ve got a medical fetish then the snapping of a latex glove against a wrist is something that probably gives you a big boner. Gloves of any kind are fun, but knowing that they also have a useful purpose is wonderful too.

Other Fetish Gloves

If you are into BDSM, there are gloves that can help you reach your goals. There are vampire gloves which have some tiny spikes on them that make touching someone else a beautifully sensual experience. They also have weighted leather gloves that make any spanking experience even more painful and ass reddening. Many dominatrixes wear half gloves to make their looks complete and they look very hot!

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“Don’t call the world dirty because you forgot to clean your glasses.”

-Aaron Hill


Glasses are something that you can wear to help you see better. They come in all different types of prescriptions and there are even multiple professions designated to help you figuring out what glasses you need to see well. However, some people love glasses even if they don’t need to wear them. Whatever could they do? Well, they can just wear fake glasses as part of an outfit or costume. You might think that’s too fake or too poser-ish but they can be quite hot if you have a fetish for girls who are nerds or something.

Girls With Glasses

If you want to do a roleplay where a girl wears glasses then you will probably want to have her play the role of someone who needs them to see better. A common role for this is a librarian. In a sexual roleplay scenario they are usually quiet and shy, but they don’t have any inhibitions when it comes to getting fucked and sucking dick after-hours. Another common role play scenario would be an office woman, whether she is the boss or the secretary. She gets to use her feminine wiles to tease everyone at the office and eventually she gets what is coming to her.

Where to Get Them

You can get fake glasses just about anywhere. Even most drug stores sell them. However, if you want to get a decent pair a costume shop will probably have a good pair that will last a while. If you have glasses already, you can use an old pair if you don’t want them to get broken in the melee of a rough sex session. If you have real glasses and you want to wear them that’s cool too. Perhaps you need to head to the optometrist to have a backup pair made up!

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“Romance is the glamour which turns the dust of everyday life into a golden haze.”

-Carolyn Gold Heilbrun


Glamour has a lot of different meanings in this day and age. At it’s heart it simply means beauty and fashion. Many of the top pornstars and even most celebrities would be considered glamorous and you can see why. They wear the sexiest outfits, always have their hair done to the nines and have perfect teeth, nails and makeup. However, glamour can also mean a girl who is a model in porn pictures and movies, but who doesn’t really do much more than strip and tease a bit. Some glamour models go so far as to do spreads, where they open their legs and show their pussies, and others will masturbate, but most of them just take off their clothes for the camera. This type of model poses for magazines, works at conventions and car shows, and things like that.

Famous Glamour Models

Even though she has a sex tape out, Pamela Anderson is a great example of a glamour model who made it big. She got her start modeling for men’s magazines and to this day is a sex figure in pop culture. There is also Rosie Jones, who is a new star just starting out in her career. She first appeared as one of The Sun’s lucky Page 3 nude models, and has slowly risen up to stardom from there. Keeley Hazell is another model who started out as a glamour model but then went on to greater things. She recently started acting and had a role in the funny film Horrible Bosses.

Why People Like It

With all of this hot porn at our fingertips within such easy reach you may wonder why people even like glamour models and glamorous babes. Well, some people prefer a bit of teasing instead of all the hot sex hanging right out there. You can let your imagination go to work with a chick like that on a pin-up poster or magazine.

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Girl Fucks Guy

“I’m tough, ambitious and I know exactly what I want. If that makes me a bitch, Okay.”



Girl fucks guy is one of the most basic formulas for sex around. The only one that is more basic than this is when a guy fucks a girl. Girl fucks guy is when a chick takes the lead. She might use a strap-on dildo to peg her man or she may simply hop on top and start giving the orders. This type of girl doesn’t mind ordering a guy around. She knows what she wants and she knows how to get it. Sometimes people refer to cowgirl position sex as a girl fucking a guy, but often the guy is really in charge, so beware of porn movies with such misleading descriptions. If you’re looking for girls who take charge, there’s plenty of that out there too.

Finding an In Charge Chick

If you want to find a girl who isn’t afraid of being in charge, you only have to ask her. There are online dating sites that put a girl’s interests right in the forefront that will let you know if she enjoys to be in charge and be the one doing the fucking. In charge babes might put that they are interested in femdom or simply that they like to hold the reins. There is also something called a female-led relationship (FLR), which is where the girl calls the shots in every area of the relationship.

Best Positions

When a girl rides your dick she is directly on top of you. This is a great position for fucking because she can control the pressure on her G-spot, and a lot of women can have some good orgasms this way. A great position for strap-on play or pegging with a guy are with the guy on his back and his legs up. This is a nice, comfortable way for a man to get fucked and often the dildo can go in a bit deeper this way. Otherwise a guy can be on all fours and stick his ass out for the girl’s fake cock.

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“Exercise is a dirty word. Every time I hear it I wash my mouth out with chocolate.”

-Charles M. Schultz


The gym is a place that is usually not related to sexy times. It’s a place you go to torture yourself, if you hate it, or to enjoy yourself, if you like it. There are all sorts of different activities you can do at the gym. You can do yoga and look at all the yoga babes and their nice booties in yoga pants, you can lift weights, run on the treadmill or try an elliptical or bike machine. You can try the weightlifting machines too, which are great for anyone whether you’ve got workout experience or not. However, in this context, we are referring to sexual fantasy situations that happen at the gym. These fantasies entail having a hottie that you’d like to bang at the gym, and then throwing all those inhibitions that make you behave properly in real life out of the window.

Real Life Gym Fantasies

There are all sorts of activities that you can do for sexy times at the gym. However, for the most part, it would not be good to try and do that. This is because first of all the gym is a public place, and fucking in public is a bit risky. If you can sneak into the bathroom together it might be fun, but if you get caught you might get kicked out of the gym forever. However, some gyms are smaller so if you’re the only ones there, it might be OK! If you are tempted to hit on a hottie at the gym it’s best not to. They are just there to work out and they might not appreciate your attentions.

Bringing a Fantasy to Life

If you have a serious gym fantasy then it would be best to get someone you already know to act it out with you. You could find ways to make it happen. If you have some fitness equipment at home a little role-playing would be easy. If you belong to a gym where you can go at an odd hour when no one is there, or rent out the whole thing for a night, that would be a great way to make it happen too. Plus, there’s nothing stopping you from having dirty talk at the gym with your lover!

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“The only way to write honestly about the scene is to be part of it.”

-Hunter S. Thompson


Gonzo is a type of porn that gets right down to the action, and it does its best to place the person watching the porn in the action using techniques like point of view perspective. The name is taken from the term Gonzo Journalism, in which a journalist reports on events that they are actually a part of. A lot of gonzo films are shot by the guy doing the fucking of a hot pussy, and many of them are amateur style movies with shaky cameras, rapid and messy crossfades and plenty of hotness to go around.


Gonzo porn has had a long and vibrant history. Pretty much every pornstar has been in a porn movie that could be considered gonzo, even if it wasn’t labeled as such. Movies that are unscripted and have no storyline for pornstars to jumble up are also considered gonzo. They get straight to the best parts and don’t make you wait for some silly stuff to happen before the cocks and pussies get satisfaction. The originator of gonzo porn is considered to be John Stagliano AKA Buttman. He started shooting sex-only movies at a time when people thought all pornos had to have a story line.

Popular Directors

If you are interested in learning more about gonzo porn and checking some out, then you should know some of the best directors of the genre. Of course there is John Stagliano, but in his more recent work he has taken to elaborate storylines that would be appropriate for your favorite TV show. There is also Belladonna, who is now a retired pornstar but was once a fabulous fucker as well as a well known director of gonzo smut. Pierre Woodman is a French guy who loves the gonzo style, and Manuel Ferrara is more than just a legendary cock – he is also a great director of smut that gets straight to the point.

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“To become wise, one must “wish” to have certain experiences and run, as it were, into their gaping jaws. This, of course, is very dangerous; many a wise guy has been swallowed.”

-Friedrich Nietzsche


Gaping is a pretty special phenomenon that can happen to an asshole or pussy when it has been very well used for a long period of time by large objects. After the objects get removed the muscles of the asshole are so relaxed and wide that the hole stays open, giving it a very unique appearance. It looks wide open and it can often close up and open back up again pretty easily. Some people never really achieve this gaping status simply because they aren’t open to stretching out their holes so strongly, but others, many of them amazing pornstars, don’t mind showing everyone the inside of their intestines.


What you should also know about is the not so fun side of anal sex and gaping which is when it goes a step too far. That is called prolapse and it’s basically when the inside of the asshole comes out. Some people love it and others think it is absolutely gross, but either way, it’s not exactly great for your health. If you prolapse one too many times you may need surgery to keep everything working properly back there. While there are some people who have a fetish for this, it is a well kept secret in the porn biz that prolapse can be bad for you so be careful when you do it!

Relaxing Not Pushing

Contrary to popular belief, gaping is all about relaxing the anus, not pushing anything out. It happens when your muscles are so stretched out and wide open that they can relax to the max. You will always find gaping to be easier when you can just relax, but not push your asshole open. It doesn’t come naturally, so if you want to impress someone you can practice with buttplugs or dildos to make sure your gape is on point.

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Golden Shower

“You have to taste the sour urine before you break the jug.”

-Clive Barker


Well, you know what a shower is, but what is it that makes a shower golden? Well, folks, it’s pee. Yellow pee. Golden showers are not for everyone but those who like them enjoy them for different reasons. There are also different ways to perform golden showers. Some people actually enjoy a shower where the pee falls all over them and others like to drink the urine from their beloved mistress. Some actually enjoy the taste and see it as a reward and others don’t like it and find it as yucky as most and see it as a punishment. There are many other words for golden showers and this includes g/s, watersports and urophilia.

Is it Safe/Clean?

There’s not much difference in drinking someone’s pee than eating their pussy. So, it is pretty darn safe. You do have to be careful though, because if you take certain prescription medications, the excess can come out in your urine. If someone else is drinking that it can affect them, especially if they are on another medication that has bad interactions to the one in your pee. So, besides the usual talk about sexual health, you need to talk about any prescriptions you may be on when preparing to engage in pee play.

Variations on the Theme

There is so much more you can do with pee than just piss on someone or in their mouth. If you’re a dom, you can have your sub hold their pee until they are practically dancing around from desperation. Then if you are extra mean you can tickle them until they pee their pants! You can also have your sub walk around the house in their pee soaked clothes as a humiliating punishment. Some people get off just by seeing their partner peeing in the usual manner, which is easy to do if you are in a private home or apartment.

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