“Romance is the glamour which turns the dust of everyday life into a golden haze.”

-Carolyn Gold Heilbrun


Glamour has a lot of different meanings in this day and age. At it’s heart it simply means beauty and fashion. Many of the top pornstars and even most celebrities would be considered glamorous and you can see why. They wear the sexiest outfits, always have their hair done to the nines and have perfect teeth, nails and makeup. However, glamour can also mean a girl who is a model in porn pictures and movies, but who doesn’t really do much more than strip and tease a bit. Some glamour models go so far as to do spreads, where they open their legs and show their pussies, and others will masturbate, but most of them just take off their clothes for the camera. This type of model poses for magazines, works at conventions and car shows, and things like that.

Famous Glamour Models

Even though she has a sex tape out, Pamela Anderson is a great example of a glamour model who made it big. She got her start modeling for men’s magazines and to this day is a sex figure in pop culture. There is also Rosie Jones, who is a new star just starting out in her career. She first appeared as one of The Sun’s lucky Page 3 nude models, and has slowly risen up to stardom from there. Keeley Hazell is another model who started out as a glamour model but then went on to greater things. She recently started acting and had a role in the funny film Horrible Bosses.

Why People Like It

With all of this hot porn at our fingertips within such easy reach you may wonder why people even like glamour models and glamorous babes. Well, some people prefer a bit of teasing instead of all the hot sex hanging right out there. You can let your imagination go to work with a chick like that on a pin-up poster or magazine.

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