“If talk is cheap, then being silent is expensive. And many people it seems, can’t afford to buy into it.”

-Anthony Liccione


Gags are a piece of BDSM equipment that are designed to go into the mouth to keep an unruly submissive quiet. Depending on the type of gag, of which there are many, there may also be the added effect of causing a lot of drool to fall down, since the person won’t be able to catch it all the normal way. To some bondage fanatics, gags are the sexiest thing they can think of and they are functional too. They help to keep the nosiest neighbors from wondering what all that screaming is about.

Popular Types of Gags

Ball gags are the most popular type of gag and you’ve probably seen them in depictions of BDSM even in mainstream TV shows. They are usually red or black in color and consist of a rubber or silicone ball that gets strapped into the mouth. This holds the mouth open to a degree and doesn’t allow the gag to get spit out. There are also harness gags that use balls as well. The harness holds the ball in place even better than the ones that just have a strap. There are bit gags, which look like the bits used in a bridle. Ring gags are another popular type of gag. They hold the mouth open and allow for the insertion of things, suck as cocks, and don’t allow the mouth to chomp down.

Gag Safety

Many people play very safely with gags all of the time. In fact, they are pretty safe as far as BDSM goes. However, there are a few tips to remember. First of all, you should never leave someone who is gagged unattended, as there is a significant choking risk – and not the fun kind. As the person can’t swallow their spit as usual, depending on the position, they could easily get into a distress situation. In addition, when placing gags, you should be careful to not catch the delicate lip tissue on the teeth, or pull the gag so tight that the person will have marks on their face, unless this has been agreed upon beforehand.

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