Forced Orgasm

“I think that I shall never see a poem as lovely as a hot-gushing, butt-cramping, gut hosing orgasm.”

-Chuck Palahniuk


A forced orgasm happens when you put a high-powered vibrator up to someone’s pussy and then don’t remove it even after they have cum, causing them to cum uncontrollably and even to the point of discomfort. You will notice that most girls get really sensitive after they cum – this causes the multiple orgasm process to become unbearable after a while. But if a submissive girl is tied up with nowhere to go, there’s nothing she can do about her master’s will to make her cum over and over again.

Orgasm Ideas

If you want to experiment with this technique for putting your sub in their place, try starting with some basic bondage. Just tie your sweetie up to the bed using some scarves or tied in a spread eagle position. Then it is best to use a wand-style vibrator on them because those are the most powerful. Just put it straight up to their pussy and make sure it is in the right spot. Then sit back and watch them writhe with orgasm after orgasm. Make sure to have a unique safeword in place so that they can beg you to stop as part of the play, which is a big part of the fun!

Why Do It?

Multiple orgasms are a powerful thing. They can bring a female sub to new heights of pleasure. They can make their pussy so sensitive that a stiff breeze will bring on a new orgasm. It can make sex a whole lot of fun and it’s simply something unique and sexy to try out to bring a new dynamic into the bedroom. If you’ve been experimenting with BDSM, this is one to add to your toolbox.

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