“I’ve learned women are better streakers.”

-Steve Spurrier


Flashing is when you go wild and decide to show someone a naughty part of your body. Usually it is done in a context or place where you are absolutely not supposed to do that. You might flash your boyfriend a quick slip of the nip at the dinner table, or unbutton your pants to flash someone on your daily commute (not recommended.) Flashing that is more extreme is also often referred to as streaking. This is when you go to a major event like a sporting event or show in an arena and you run across the spot where everyone is looking with your clothes off! You can get arrested for streaking and flashing, so make sure you do it only in private spaces with people who are excited about it if you want to avoid getting into trouble.

Flashy Ideas

So, how can you work this risqué idea into your sex life if there is the risk of getting caught? Well, there are quite a few things you can do to get your exhibitionism on. You can always flash your lover at home when they get home from work to initiate some sexy time. In addition, you can also flash people if you are at a sexy party, but remember – look but don’t touch without permission, even if someone is flashing you!

Different Types

There are all different kinds of flashing. One kind is known as mooning and it is when you pull down your pants and stick your butt out at someone. A girl can also flash her tits at anyone she pleases, and when it is Mardi Gras in New Orleans if you do that you will get a whole bunch of beads thrown your way! Gals can also flash their pussies, and most guys who are flashers tend to choose to flash their dick.

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