“One of the less well-advertised secrets of group sex was how often it came down to logistics.”

-Alex Hall


FFFFM is a more complicated way to say that you are going to have a fivesome that takes place between four ladies and a guy. The guy is probably going to be one lucky fucker that evening. It could be a hetero couple and their bisexual girlfriends, or just a bunch of lesbians who want to punish a dude with a strap-on gangbang. There are also all different kinds of combinations, like people who are in a polyamorous relationship together, or a group of friends who like to get naughty together. In this type of group sex everyone has a good time because there are more than enough tongues, pussies and fingers to go around for everyone! Some girls would be happier if there was another cock in the equation, but let’s be real, no one is complaining.

Make it Happen

Some people dream of having a threesome so hard that they never even realize they could have had a foursome or a fivesome instead! Well, don’t let your dreams be limited by the number of people, because once you enter a kinky community like a poly or swinger group the possibilities are endless. You will meet people who are interested in having all kinds of group sex configurations and female, female, female, female, male is just one of them. Whether you’re being dominated by a group of cackling witches or you are the king of four obedient subs, just become part of a sexy group to make this type of beautiful music with a quintet.

Group Sex Advice

If you’re in a serious relationship with one of the people in the group, be careful. There is some advice that would be good to mention here. Make sure you give your partner the time and attention they need and that you don’t get too overly excited by the new people in the group. That way your partner won’t feel left out of the sex extravaganza!

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