Fertility Play/Breeding

“Simplicity is a great element of good breeding.”

-Fanny Kemble


If you want to get pregnant then you can have sex, but there are some people who actually have a fetish for that. This is known as breeding, but it also falls into a larger category of play known as fertility play, which could involve actually trying to get pregnant, or simply fantasizing about it. It can also involve humiliating someone for their lack of ability to get pregnant, or to impregnate someone, and it can also be all about objectification – turning someone into nothing more than a vessel for pounding and pumping semen into with gusto!

Beware of the Consequences

When you are trying to get someone pregnant you need to be aware of and prepared for the consequences of actually getting someone pregnant. Even if you have a breeding fantasy then you need to take the proper precautions against pregnancy like hormonal pills, condoms, uterine implants or something else to make sure you don’t actually get someone pregnant unless both of you are prepared for the responsibility of creating a new person together. It’s not something to be done lightly.

The Full Spectrum

There is a wide spectrum of breeding play around. There is simply the group of people who think about getting pregnant every time they fuck, and this idea turns them on enough to make them cum a little harder. Then there are people who put it in conjunction with kinky BDSM stuff like bondage. You can put someone in a kinky bondage frame that puts them in the perfect position for breeding and getting pregnant. You can even have the opposite of a breeding program – if someone isn’t fertile you can bring that into your sexual play. Humiliate your partner for their sperms that just don’t swim or their cock that simply doesn’t work and have a great time.

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