“The ass is the face of the soul of sex.”

-Charles Bukowski


Facesitting is exactly what it sounds like. It’s mainly done when someone with a pussy sits her snatch down right on top of a guy or girl’s face. Depending on how dominant and aggressive she is, this may turn into a smothering session where the bottom’s intake of air is completely dependent on how generous the girl on top is feeling. She might even use her ass if it is big enough to smother the guy and make him sniff her special booty scent, depending on how sadistic she is feeling.

Face sitting Tools

If you’re into facesitting you should know that there are some tools that can help you. There are furniture items called face sitting stools, which can be a simple box with an opening for the face to poke through or much more ornate custom pieces crafted by face-sitting artisans. A proper stool makes it much more pleasurable for the Dom because then they don’t have to physically support themself while squatting down on the face of their sub for hours at a time! The stool is also sometimes known as a smotherbox because usually it makes the Domme more in control since it makes it so that the submissive can not pull their head away as they would be able to without such a cruel tool.

Smothering Safety

Since your gasping sub will probably not be able to speak when you are sitting on their face and demanding their pleasure, you should come up with a specific sound or motion that will let you know they are using the safeword signal. A knock on the floor with a hand or a specific sequence of grunts – like three in a row – would be a perfect safeword for this type of scenario. Also, even though you want to be mean you definitely need to let your bottom breathe once in awhile! If you’re playing this way, you should also be well versed in CPR in case you encounter any serious health problems like fainting that can occur.

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