“A fart in the face is love.”

-James Kidd


Some people have a fetish for what most people consider to be weird things and farting is one of those things that might make you wonder. However, it is something that is quite taboo which makes it completely understandable as a fetish. People tend to love the things that make them squirm, in a sexual sense, and farting is something that you almost never hear in public. It’s practically the same as the reasons why a glimpse of ankle in Victorian times could make a guy faint from shocks. A toot from a cute booty can send some people into convulsions of pleasure!

The Devil is in the Details

The thing that most people like about farts is either the smell, or the sound. For some, the more fragrant the far is, the sexier the experience becomes. It’s a wonder why the thing that most people crinkle their noses at makes some people have big erections. Partners of fart fetishists will sometimes eat certain foods like broccoli or beans to make sure that they have the smelliest toots around. Other fetishists enjoy the sound or quantity of farts, so in that case, the fetish provider can learn to swallow air in such a way that farting occurs a little while later after it has made its way through the system.

BDSM Farting Games

Some BDSM tops love to use farting as a way to humiliate and punish their subs. Imagine a sub being told that he is only worthy enough to smell his mistresses farts but not to kiss her? This type of humiliation is especially used with cuckolds who are not allowed to fuck their ladies. Lovers of face sitting often enjoy a good fart landing right on their face when they can’t escape the clutches of a big ass covering their face.

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