“I’ve felt inexplicably happy seeing my husband treated affectionately and adoringly by another.”

-Victoria Vantoch


An FFM threesome is basically every guy’s major fantasy. Who wouldn’t want to have a threesome with a bunch of hot girls? An FFM threesome is one that is comprised of two chicks and a dude, so all the attention is usually focused on the guy. The girls take care of him and make sure that his dick has plenty of holes to explore including mouths, pussies and sometimes assholes. There is a lot of threesome porn out there to give you a good idea of what you can do in one of these joyous group sex events. Of course it also helps if the girls are bisexual, because then they can play with each other too.

Finding a Threesome Partner

If you are already in a relationship then you are one step closer to finding a threesome partner. Most people who have an FFM threesome start out as a hetero couple. Then they find a third person, usually a friend or acquaintance who can come over and play. However, it is kind of a dicey situation. There can be some jealousy involved and you want to make sure to talk things over very thoroughly with your partner so that they know where you both stand with your new sex friend. It should be pretty easy to find a partner for this activity – all you have to do is ask.

Threesome Ideas

Most people think that an FFM threesome is all about two girls offering up their pussies to a guy – which it is – but there are some other ideas that you should definitely not ignore at all. You need to absolutely try getting a double blowjob – that is done by two girls at the same time. You can also try having the chicks wear strap-ons and go at you if you are interested in that sort of thing. Don’t be afraid to shake things up, because you will have a great time!

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