Female Slave

“True strength lies in submission.”

-Henry Miller


A female slave is someone who has decided to give herself to her master, in a BDSM sense. It’s usually a very self-possessed woman who knows exactly what she wants. She has decided that the BDSM lifestyle is for her, and whether her dominant is a man or a woman, she has agreed to follow certain rules or agreements that they have both agreed upon to make the relationship work. This is usually filed under a 24/7 relationship, but it can also be a playtime fling or anything really. A woman can submit for as long as she wants to.

Where To Start

If you want to play at being a female slave, the place to start is with the rules. Set out what you and your partner want the rules to be – whether it’s going to be for a night, a weekend or forever. Some ideas include having slave positions for her to sit in whenever you say a certain cue. Another rule could be that she has to have her mouth open for oral pleasure whenever you desire. There can also be domestic aspects to this type of play, meaning that she might have to cook you dinner by a certain time or massage your feet when you come home from work.


Just because a woman is your BDSM slave does not mean that you can just do whatever you want with her, even if that is your agreement. As the Dom, you have a big responsibility to keep her safe and make sure she is well taken care of. Of course this can include proper punishments and lots of kinky fun, but you must make sure to not neglect your toy. After all, no one likes a broken toy! Make sure that your slave is happy and healthy, and your relationship will go far.

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