“Life is so endlessly delicious.”

-Ruth Reichl


Feederism is a fetish in which someone, usually a normal sized person, gets off on feeding someone until they get to be very large. They love to provide the calories and it gives them both sexual and personal satisfaction to care for someone who has been made helpless by intake of food. Sometimes this fetish goes one step further and the person gets to be turned on by the idea of being eaten themselves. They want to give themselves as a gift to their fat lover. Others who like to be fed are simply turned on by the idea of eating other people, consuming them and their entire essence and being.

Cannibalism Safety

Cannibalism fetish, also known as vorarephilia, is a fetish that can’t really be enacted safely, because eating the majority of a person would not only be illegal but it was also probably have some gruesome results. You may want to experiment with other ways to enact this fantasy, like tying up your partner who wants to be eaten and sticking an apple in their mouth like a prized roast. Cover them in honey or glaze and then lick them all up and down, or give them light bites. You can even poke them with a fork if you want to. However, attempting to eat any part of a person is quite dangerous and shouldn’t be tried even in the most trusting of circumstances.

Swallowing Fetish

Some people have a fetish for being swallowed whole, while others want to get chopped up into tiny little bits and eaten. For those with either of these fetishes, a way to get fulfilled is to watch animated porn, in which anything can happen. The laws of safety or the laws of physics do not bind the pretend characters, and it doesn’t harm anyone for a cartoon character to get swallowed whole!

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