Emotional Play

“You are a manipulator. I like to think of myself more as an outcome engineer.”

-J.R. Ward, Lover Eternal


Emotional play is a type of psychological BDSM play that involves shame, humiliation, and fear. It causes the recipient to have an emotional response that excites them as it insults or frightens them.

The Fetish

There are so many different ways in which emotional play BDSM can be worked out, and there are a number of sub-categories that fall under it. For example, having someone belittled, taunted and teased in front of others is a common form of shame play. This can involve the sub being put in a cage to be displayed while being insulted, or them being lead around by their Dom while others are asked to make fun of them. This kink is often facilitated between just two individuals as well, with one being the dominant that is asked to shame their partner, either at home or in a public setting.

What To Do

This form of BDSM is very common, but that doesn’t mean you should go into it with just anyone. You want to make sure that boundaries are set in place around how far the shaming or fear-causing should go, so that both parties get the most enjoyment out of the process. Setting hard limits for this kind of play with safe-words in place will allow for exploration without fear of unwanted and negative recriminations. There are a number of online discussions around shame play, fear play, and other forms of emotional manipulation play, along with a number of books written on the subject. Discuss it further with professional doms in online communities and you’ll find a whole new realm of exploration with exciting possibilities when it comes to emotional manipulation play.

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Extreme Slave Training

“Submission is not about authority and it is not obedience; it is all about relationships of love and respect.”

-William Paul Young


Behavior modification is not for the faint of heart. This is an extreme form of play that is only suited for 24/7 lifestyle relationships. This training is heavily related to dollification and bimbofication, but it doesn’t have to be suited to those specific fetishes. Behavior modification happens when a submissive decides she wants to hand over the choices about how they act and behave in the world to their dominant. If the dominant chooses to make their mouth water at the sound of a pants zipper, or makes them stare at the wall all day until called upon, the sub will do the training to modify their behavior to be obedient.

How To Get There

This type of action is not something to be taken lightly and it should be agreed upon only after honest communication and thoughtful consideration. Once it has been decided upon that this is the direction the relationship should take, the first thing towards conditioning a slave properly is to remove anything that could be considered a privilege from everyday life. This might include watching TV, wearing clothes in the house or getting to do a favorite hobby. Then, you use those things as rewards when the submissive adopts the behaviors you want them to have, like asking permission for certain things that most people take for granted or obeying your every wish.

It’s All About Compromise

If you decide to embark on a relationship like this, you need to keep your submissive’s real-world needs in mind. They need to wear clothes when they go outside, and they might need to keep a job outside of the house. While your raw desire might be that they stay naked for the rest of their natural lives or that they slave away only for you, you’ve got to be reasonable when it comes to the facts of life. Someone giving you their entire submission is a very special gift, and it should be respected and treated better than gold.

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“My heart is yours to fill or burst, or wear as jewelry, whichever you prefer.”

-Dashboard Confessional


Emo people are a subset of alternative. They tend to love dark emotional things, and music that has them screaming about their feelings. One popular emo hairstyle for both girls and guys is to have the hair sweeping in front of their eyes, so that when you are sitting in the corner and crying you will have some way to shield your tears from the world. Many people find emo chicks really hot because they are full of angst and drama. They often need someone to help them learn how to act in the world without self-destructing and because of that they can become real slutty, especially emo pornstars and cam girls.


The emo scene started to develop in the late 1980s as punk devolved into several different genres of music, but it didn’t really gain much popularity until the early 2000s. The most popular bands at the time were Jimmy Eat World and Dashboard Confessional, which were relatable to the 18-year-old cuties who heard their identity reflected back to them in these bands’ music – because their songs were all about the emotional pain of growing up in the world and becoming a full blown adult. Most people who like emo music also wear skinny jeans and a lot of black clothes because it matches the subject matter of a lot of the music.

Is Emo Cool?

If you are wondering whether or not you should go for the gold with an emo chick, you should keep the following considerations in mind. There are some people who really hate emo people and would do anything to not encounter people who follow this subculture, however there are some real benefits to hanging out with emo chicks, especially if you really like the music and the fashion. If a chick with dyed black hair who is moody all of the time strikes you as interesting then you’ll probably like emo people!

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“The exhibitionist loves to flirt with shame.”

-Mason Cooley


An exhibitionist is anyone who loves to get their thrills in public. This can take many different forms. Exhibitionists get off knowing that people are watching them, and showing off their hot bodies turns them on as much as it turns other people on. More and more people nowadays are becoming exhibitionists since social media encourages us to share just about everything with the world. That makes a lot of people think it is fun to put things out there on the web. Most cam stars and pornstars would consider themselves exhibitionists, as would people who post nude pics on the net for fun!

The Law

Law enforcement and members of the establishment do not like exhibitionists and, in fact, if you do try exhibitionism out in public you could find yourself arrested or at the very least fined. Dancing on the bar is quite fine as long as you keep most of your clothes on, but if you flash your tits or give a guy a blowjob in a public location, you could get in a lot of trouble. So, if you do feel the need to get it on in public make sure you either have a very good lawyer or you know the laws for your exact location before you embark on an exhibitionist journey.

How to Start

If you’re thinking of getting it on in public you might want to introduce the idea to your partner gradually. Maybe you can rub their junk under the dinner table with your toes, or try something a bit more secretive. It’s not a good idea to jump to public blowjobs and fucking right away because you never know how your partner will react! Another thing you can try is camming as a couple. Not only does this help you put yourself out there to get your thrills, but it also gives you the chance to make some extra dough.

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Eiffel Tower

“I like The Eiffel Tower because it looks like steel and lace.”

-Natalie Lloyd


The Eiffel Tower is a place in France that is a feat of architecture and engineering. It is a tall tower that has a distinctive sloped shape. To some who haven’t been there it simply looks like many electrical towers do, however, if you’ve seen it up close you will know it is much more magnificent than that. The tower is so iconic that there is also a sex act named after it. This is when, in a threesome with two guys, both guys spear the girl in the middle with one cock in her mouth and one in her pussy or ass while she is on all fours. Then they high five above her, making their group sex session into the shape of an Eiffel tower!

How To Get There

If you’ve always wanted to do an Eiffel, first you have to get the pieces together for a threesome. This means you will have to either have a partner or go online and find one who wants to have a threesome. Then you’ll have to get a buddy or friend to help you out with your goals. You may want to pre-plan the positions of the fucking with your friend to make sure that you can reach your goals of doing the Eiffel Tower high five in the first place. However, sometimes it can just happen naturally. If you’re open to leaving things up to chance, then no planning is required.

Why Do It?

Most people believe that this sex move is just one of those things you see in a funny movie and it is cool to try once. You might get a laugh out of it and you probably won’t feel the need to try it again, but you can always do it again if the opportunity presents itself. Some people love it because it is a show of bro-friend love while doing something hot, and it makes guys feel closer to each other in friendship.

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“I speak of the erotic as the deepest life force, a force which moves us toward living in a fundamental way.”

-Audre Lorde


Erotica is typically a story that is written to entice and allure people with the written word. There are a lot of erotic short stories to be found on the internet completely for free, and there are more that get published by famous authors in anthologies each year. Some people prefer to read erotica because it leaves some details to the imagination, and others like it because it can go a bit slower than modern porn movies. Whatever your reason for checking it out, if you haven’t read erotica before while fapping, you should definitely give it a try.

Fantasies Cum True

The best part about erotic literature according to many is that the stories are not bound by the confines of what is real. Characters can go to outer space on a whim, they can undergo extreme body modification and can live for years under the most harsh BDSM conditions which if performed under real life would not lead to a great outcome. People can have all sorts of experiences that would simply not be able to be shown in a porn movie! The whole world of imagination extends far beyond what anyone can film with a camera, and the words of erotica authors often expand your understanding of sex in ways no other art form can ever match.

Freaky Erotica

If you want to find great literary erotica, your best bet is to search for your favorite fantasy and tack on the words story or erotica in order to find treasure troves of hot literature to read. Plus, you may find the very best erotica right here in the near future!

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“Somewhere between fear and sex passion lives.”

-Jeanette Winterson


Erotophobia is actually a fear of sex or anything sexual. Why would we include this here, well, many fetishes are actually created out of a fear of sex. No matter what you feel, this is certainly an interesting fear that affects some freaky situations. Some people have fear of nude pics, or a fear of talking about sex, while others have a full on fear of fucking and they won’t let anything near their pussy or dick. It’s kind of like that one friend you have who can’t say the word penis or vagina and has to use those cute nicknames like va-jay-jay, but turned up to the max.

Fear Is More Than Just A Dislike

Erotophobia is often mistaken for other things that are absolutely not a fear of sex. People who are asexual may not ever feel the need or interest in having sex, and that doesn’t mean they have a fear of it. You never know what is going on inside of someone’s head, and just because they don’t show an interest in fucking or hot stuff doesn’t mean they are afraid. There are many reasons why people don’t engage in sex whether for biological or personal reasons. It’s also very easy to mistake this fear as present in people who are simply quite conservative. They may have been conditioned to abhor sex, and even though they have it in certain situations, they probably never talk about it.

Be Afraid… Be Very Afraid

This fear might encompass several other fears within it. There could be a basic fear of intimacy. There could also be genophobia, which is the fear of actual intercourse. This can be especially present in first timers. We have all laughed at some “never nude” characters in sitcoms, but for others this is a reality. Having sex is pretty hard when you are terrified of taking off your clothes all the way. Many people think this fear arises if people have been taught that their sexual urges are bad. We believe that everyone should be told that sex is awesome, so they don’t become afraid to get their groove on and be as freaky as they want to be!

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Erotic Massage

“Every point of contact between us feels important. A rush of energy and relief.”

-Victoria Roth


A massage is a wonderful thing. Most people know what a massage is, but an erotic massage is slightly different. This is when you and your partner turn what would just be a friendly massage that could occur between just about anyone into a hot massage that turns sexual and sensual. Usually erotic massage start out just like regular ones but then the massage continues onto the most sensitive bits of the body that most professional massage therapists would skip over. You don’t have to be a professional masseur as is quite easy to massage the pussy, ass or cock and elicit a pleasurable sensation. The nipples are also a favorite erogenous area for an erotic massage.

It Can Be Therapeutic

For many who have sexual anxiety or dysfunction, an erotic massage can be a form of therapy to help the person feel more confident sexually. Many erotic dysfunctions are caused by worry or stress about the ability to perform, so pairing up a relaxing massage with sexual arousal can be very helpful. In many cases, giving an erotic massage without release before a sexual encounter can help the massage subject achieve a more steady arousal through the main part of the sexual intercourse, until release at a mutually agreeable point is achieved.

The History of Massage and the Female Orgasm

In earlier times in history, women would go hysterical, largely because no one believed that their sexual needs were important. Doctors discovered that through a very specific type of massage on the pubic mound, women could be relieved of their hysteria. However, this job took hours and so they often taught the women’s husbands how to do it, or referred them to a midwife. With the advent of electricity, electric massagers were invented and the time to do the complex medical procedure went down to minutes.

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Electricity Play

“Electricity is really just organized lightning”

-George Carlin


Electricity play is any type of sexual play that uses a device, which uses electric current or gives an electric shock. Not everyone enjoys this type of play, but those who do can be quite fanatical about it, because it really is fun once you give it a try. Many say that electricity is a hard limit but it’s only because it sounds scary and they haven’t tried it just yet. There are multiple types of devices that can give electric shocks and currents, and some of them are more painful or pleasurable. Contrary to what many think, electric play with approved devices is actually quite safe and fun.

Shocking Devices

Medical devices often inspire the devices used for shocking electricity play, and sometimes the same devices that use electricity to help patients are the ones used by freaky people like you. A TENS unit is one such device that delivers an adjustable current or shock via almost any kind of device or medical style pads. There are dildos that can go in the pussy, plugs that can go in the ass, nipple clamps and other things that can help to electrify a person. Because it is adjustable, it can run from a low and pleasurable buzz to a mean and nasty shock. There is also the violet wand, which delivers a steady sexy current through a variety of conducting devices which also looks really cool, and different pokers and prods that are definitely more of a punishment because they deliver a quick and painful shock.


Electricity Play can be quite safe. The currents used are usually pretty low compared to what is making your light bulbs work in your home. However, the human body is an electrical device itself and so there is always a risk, especially when running electricity through the chest cavity. Many safety guides state that using electricity above the waist is not a good idea. One time it is definitely not safe is when your electric sub has an electronic device inside of them like a pacemaker or an insulin pump. These people should steer clear of any kind of play with electricity. Any electricity sex play near water is also an obviously bad choice. Be smart, be safe, and live to play another day when you are shocking one orgasm after another out of your submissive playmate.

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“It’s sweet, sexy, and cleansing.”

-Chef Mario Batali


An enema involves shooting water or sometimes other substances into your butt, letting it stew inside your colon and then flushing it out of your ass by releasing it as a geyser of liquid. It is not always done as part of sexual play. Many people use enemas solely for the health benefits, but it can also be quite alluring as a sexual practice. Many suggest giving your anal sex partner an enema in preparation for anal play, to make sure everything comes out clean and sexy – especially for fans of ass to mouth sex. Advanced freaks and kinksters also make the enema itself part of the sex session, using the water pressure and uncomfortable feeling of holding it in as a way to teach any sassy sub to regret their mistakes. Unlike other forms of obedience training, enema play leaves no mark on the body, though extreme enema sessions can absolutely leave scars on one’s soul.

What Makes Enemas So Sexy?

Some people turn up their noses at anything that has to do with things that come out of the intestines when it comes to sex. Others understand it as a unique way to see a side of your partner that you are unlikely to reveal by any other means. A large part of the joy of enema play comes from having your partner’s abdomen full of water with no permission to allow it to escape. Just imagine filling up your naughty sub with water, plugging their hole closed and explaining that even more punishment is on the way if they allow even a single drop to spill out of their ass before you allow it. The submissive’s willingness to obey can be thoroughly tested, and that gives them the ability to prove they loves you with actions that matter far more than words. Love is sexy, in all its forms.


Enemas can be good for your health, but they can also wreak havoc if you do them too often or have health issues prior to starting them. Doing too many enemas may strip your intestines of the healthy bacteria that live inside you. They can also throw off the balance of your electrolytes or have other negative health effects. It’s always a good idea to consult a doctor before engaging in any unusual sex acts if your health is otherwise compromised. It’s also a good idea to put a touch of salt into your water enema. If you want an enema to be soothing, brew up some chamomile tea (check the ingredients to make sure it is only chamomile), and mix the tea with water in your enema bag.

Novice Vs. Expert Enema Play

Like many other aspects of freaky sex, there is a huge difference between a first timer trying novice enema play and an experienced couple who are already several thousand gallons down the path toward watery bliss in life. Know your role, understand your experience level and play accordingly. There is plenty of time to fill her ass like an aquarium and see if she can hold it for hours – start off slow and simple, to ensure everyone is healthy enough to do it again next time.

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