Virgin / Defloration

“I lost my virginity when I was 14, and I haven’t been able to find it since.”

-David Duchovny


A virgin or defloration fetish is based around the desire to have sex with someone for their first time, otherwise known as taking their virginity.

Defloration Fetish

Enacting the fetish of defloration is fairly uncommon in the world of adult entertainment due to the fact that there aren’t that many virgins participating in the adult industry. It is something that can be achieved through finding adult partners that are going to be inexperienced, but willing to learn from someone that has learned much more sexually. Commonly this is going to involve a lot more work to find, although it may be accomplished more easily if dating a person of legal age from a religious background but with looser sensibilities around the edicts of their religion. There are films that supposedly feature defloration, but most often they are not being quite as truthful about the sexual experience of their actors. This fetish deals with ideas of being the first to have someone, making it a special experience that will always be remembered by the virgin involved.

How To Find A Virgin

If you are looking to find a virgin to enact this with, you may have to search a bit. Being a virgin tends to be fairly uncommon amongst those of age to legally have sex, unless they are religious, or possibly asexual. It’s still possible though to find those that want to engage in sex, that just haven’t found the right partner yet or are also looking for more serious commitment. Chatrooms or online groups can be used to try and find partners that might fit the parameters you’re looking for. If you are a virgin that is looking for a more experienced partner that will treat you respectfully, then searching on kink sites might be a good way for you to vet someone you want to engage with for your first experience. Finding a person to fit your virgin fetish will definitely be a one-off experience, but that doesn’t mean it is impossible. You may find a very meaningful relationship with someone that wants to have their first time experience, or just wants to lose their virginity.

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“What holds the world together, as I have learned from bitter experience, is sexual intercourse.”

-Henry Miller


Vicarphilia refers to being sexually vicarious, and specifically involves an attraction to hearing about others’ sexual activity through their stories. People with this kink find intense arousal in the sexual stories of others.

The Fetish

The vicarphilia fetish is about becoming aroused by other people’s sexual stories, and living vicariously through them. A person with this kink lives their erotic life through the stories of others, because those stories arouse them even more than their own sexual exploits. You’ll find that this fetish is very appealing to introverts that don’t enjoy having a lot of human interaction on their own but enjoy the erotic stories that come from others’ interactions. Adult films are a perfect example of this fetish being portrayed in the mainstream, because people not involved in the sexual activity happening onscreen are intensely aroused by the erotic story unfolding before them. It is a visual exploration of this fetish, but one that is extremely common throughout the world.

What To Do

This fetish is one that can be explored by just being willing to experience other people’s erotic stories – read them online, listen to them through recorded audio (such as the Esoterotica artists’ work), watch the ones that are filmed, and experience them vicariously through the many available options that are out there. You can easily find others that will be willing to share their sexual exploits in social situations, and may even lead to you needing to excuse yourself for a minute to finish what their story started. In the modern world you need not be shy about asking for others’ stories, and more often than not people will share them freely. Sex is a natural thing that is meant to be shared, and loving stories of it is natural as well.

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“I give people a huge amount of rope, and then I hold them accountable for the rope.”

-Sergio Marchionne


Vincilagnia is a kink based around one person’s love of being tied up and at the mercy of the other person, or people, involved in the kink scene being created. It can also be considered a part of bondage fetish, which is an umbrella term that covers a number of other fetishes.

The Fetish

A typical vincilagnia scene involves letting yourself be tied up by one or more people and be subject to their whims until you have either uttered a safe-word to end the kink session, or the person in control is finished playing with you. Established boundaries ahead of time will allow for the best scene possible, giving each person involved a sense of safety around this intense fetish play.

Getting Tied Up

Finding a person to tie you up isn’t a hard thing, but it is important that you build a bond of trust, or have other people around that you trust, to make sure you are being safe. Once either of those things have been established, set up a safe-word to end the session, so that you are not put into an uncomfortable position for longer than your body can tolerate.
There are a number of ways a person can be tied up to fit the nature of this kink. Whether you are into the use of rope, chains, duct tape, or any other form of being tied up, you’ll be able to pursue your kink with a large number of interested parties. If you are going to be restrained for an extended period of time, make sure to pay attention to how your limbs feel, so that your restraints can be tightened or loosened accordingly.

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“If there was an epidemic, that definitely would make people accept vaccines. I wouldn’t hope for that, of course, but if you wanted people to love vaccines, an epidemic would remind them how magical they are.”

-Bill Gates


Vaccinophilia is a fetish where a person is aroused by the concept of vaccines and by sexual play involving the imaginary use of vaccines. This vaccine fetish may involve medical attire and equipment during a sexy kink scene.

What Vaccinophilia Involves

People with a fetish for vaccines could arrange to meet with other individuals that are willing to pretend to vaccinate one another, or to set up a medical scene similar to that of when a person gets vaccinated. The purpose of such scenes is arousal, and it can also lead towards sexual acts. The scene may, or may not, involve needle play – that can be negotiated according to how close to an actual vaccination scene is desired.

Tips & Safety

Finding people interested in medical play isn’t that uncommon as a kink, and you’ll be able to access plenty of sites and online communities that will have people interested in that fetish. After establishing someone has a medical kink, just narrow down that you specifically like vaccination as a concept, and you’ll have someone in no time, willing and ready to vaccinate your libido.
If needle play is going to be used during your vaccination play scene, then make sure the person administering is well-versed in the proper use of needles, and in their disposal. Even after the scene is over, remaining safe by properly disposing all the needles that were used is of the utmost importance. Safe play is the only type of play that you should be having, especially when sharp objects of any sort are involved.

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Virtual Reality

“It could always all be unreal – how could you ever tell otherwise?”

-Iain M. Banks


Virtual reality is not inherently sexual, but it is a new technology that is being used for a very hot purpose. There is now a plethora of virtual reality porn being made with the release of Oculus, Samsung Gear and Google Cardboard VR headsets. How it works with some of them is that you just plug your smartphone into the device and you can then see hot VR porn movies. Others are their own closed systems that you can plug into another device to get the videos you want to see. It covers your eyes and puts you into an immersive world where it seems like the sexy action is really happening.

The Different Headsets

If you want to try VR porn, there are three main options for headsets these days. Oculus Rift is the one that is owned by Facebook, and it was the first one to come out. It is quite pricey, so if that’s a concern for you, you may want to go with one of the other options, but some people like it because they are starting to come out with a lot of peripherals for it. The Samsung Gear VR is powered by Oculus technology, but it is much more affordable. Finally Google Cardboard is the most affordable option as they designed it so that pretty much anyone could get one, since it’s literally made out of cardboard, and you just use your smartphone with it.

Why Virtual Reality?

Many people think that VR is going to be the future of the porn industry. This is because it gives users a more immersive experience and they can really feel like they are in the same room as the pornstar who is giving them a show. It’s kind of like extreme POV, and most virtual reality movies are shot from POV perspective, giving an even more realistic feeling to the users. The hottest pornstars have decided to give VR a try so you should do it too!

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“Alive or undead, the love of my life was a badass.”

-Rachel Mead


Those who have a vampire fetish deeply romanticize and fetishize those mythical creatures who have fangs and love to suck the life force out of a person. Of course these creatures aren’t real as far as anyone knows, but due to the lore and myths around them, they are easy to think of as sexy beings, thanks to a few authors and movies in particular. They live forever, thus they can become unbearably rich and they seem to exude a mysterious allure in many of the media that they’re involved in. This fetish sometimes involves wearing fake fangs and even biting people, which is something that should not be taken lightly.


Biting and drawing blood is actually kind of a dangerous thing. You really need to trust the person who you are doing that with, and you also need to take the same precautions that you would if you were going to be having unprotected sex. There are all sorts of things that can get transferred in a loving bite especially if it breaks the skin. You should also know all of the safest places to bite so that you do not nick any important veins or arteries with your loving passion. Now with that information – bite away!

Become a Vamp

Being a vampire is about so much more than biting. For many it is about the sexy and decadent lifestyle of vamps, as well as the code that many of them follow. There is often strict protocol or social order in vampire fetish groups, and many of them have sexy parties that mimic the lifestyle of vampires expressed in fantasy books and other representations of the mythical creatures. If you want to experiment with it, start with a nice love bite or a funny pair of fangs and see how it strikes your partner.

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“Voyeurism is participation.”

-Swinger Axiom


Voyeurism is the act of getting off while watching other people doing something dirty. You might have a fantasy of peeking in through a window and seeing something you’re not supposed to, or you may want to sit in the corner of a room while a couple goes at it and jerk it while they do the nasty. Whichever type of voyeurism you prefer, you definitely enjoy watching people get their rocks off from any perspective. People like voyeurism because it is a little bit of light power exchange. The person watching gets to see someone else nude and in a vulnerable position.


When you have a voyeurism fetish it’s always important to ask permission before you watch someone, even if you are at a sex party or swinger’s event. Peeping at people, even at sex parties can be problematic. At swinger parties there is the old axiom that “voyeurism is participation”, and you would certainly ask permission to participate in a sexual act before diving in, so the same rules apply to watching.


The other side of the voyeurism fetish is exhibitionism. These are people who get off on knowing that they are being watched. Many cam models and pornstars are exhibitionists, though not everyone who watches porn is a voyeur. A lot of people who are into sex parties are also exhibitionists or voyeurs, attending such events to fulfill their favorite fetish. Some people are both voyeurs and exhibitionists, equally excited at the idea of seeing people do dirty things as they are about being seen doing them.

With Great Privilege Cums Great Responsibility

There are many porn sites out there that are dedicated to the art of voyeurism videos to suit lovers of this fetish. These specialize in fitting room videos, upskirt cams and hidden camera movies. If you think you have a voyeurism fetish, check out a site like that and see if it turns you on. As a Voyeur you should always be ready to keep the secrets of those you spy upon, never tell others what you have witnessed or you become unlikely to ever be invited back to see more next time. Also, exhibitionists thrive on your reactions, watching is a passive activity unless you engage by showing your appreciation with facial expressions, applause, verbal comments and suggestions. Find out what your muse enjoys and feed her passion with your own in the ways she finds most exciting.

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