“Voyeurism is participation.”

-Swinger Axiom


Voyeurism is the act of getting off while watching other people doing something dirty. You might have a fantasy of peeking in through a window and seeing something you’re not supposed to, or you may want to sit in the corner of a room while a couple goes at it and jerk it while they do the nasty. Whichever type of voyeurism you prefer, you definitely enjoy watching people get their rocks off from any perspective. People like voyeurism because it is a little bit of light power exchange. The person watching gets to see someone else nude and in a vulnerable position.


When you have a voyeurism fetish it’s always important to ask permission before you watch someone, even if you are at a sex party or swinger’s event. Peeping at people, even at sex parties can be problematic. At swinger parties there is the old axiom that “voyeurism is participation”, and you would certainly ask permission to participate in a sexual act before diving in, so the same rules apply to watching.


The other side of the voyeurism fetish is exhibitionism. These are people who get off on knowing that they are being watched. Many cam models and pornstars are exhibitionists, though not everyone who watches porn is a voyeur. A lot of people who are into sex parties are also exhibitionists or voyeurs, attending such events to fulfill their favorite fetish. Some people are both voyeurs and exhibitionists, equally excited at the idea of seeing people do dirty things as they are about being seen doing them.

With Great Privilege Cums Great Responsibility

There are many porn sites out there that are dedicated to the art of voyeurism videos to suit lovers of this fetish. These specialize in fitting room videos, upskirt cams and hidden camera movies. If you think you have a voyeurism fetish, check out a site like that and see if it turns you on. As a Voyeur you should always be ready to keep the secrets of those you spy upon, never tell others what you have witnessed or you become unlikely to ever be invited back to see more next time. Also, exhibitionists thrive on your reactions, watching is a passive activity unless you engage by showing your appreciation with facial expressions, applause, verbal comments and suggestions. Find out what your muse enjoys and feed her passion with your own in the ways she finds most exciting.

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