“Better be a nettle in the side of your friend than his echo.”

-Ralph Waldo Emerson


The urtication fetish involves using a nettle plant against your partner’s skin to sting them, or having a nettle plant used on you. Participating in such activities with a nettle plant can be referred to as nettle play.

The Fetish

Using a nettle plant to consensually sting a partner’s skin during a sexual encounter is what this fetish is all about. Using a nettle plant against another person’s skin will invoke stinging and it will leave a rash at the end. The rash in most cases is slight and not too long-lasting, but its presence and the itching involved can serve as a nice reminder for your partner. It isn’t as common of a fetish despite the fact that nettle plants grow readily around the globe. It’s not frequent to discover that a nettle plant’s sting arouses you, since you would have to first come in direct contact with the nettle plant to realize that.

What To Do

This is definitely more of a specialized kink, but the internet can still give you the chance to find opportunities to explore your nettle fetish. It’s a fairly specific preference, so that means you’ll have to ask probing questions and be direct with your online kink community. Don’t worry about what people will think of your fetish – there are plenty of other fetishes that are fairly out there! It might take you a minute to find someone with your specific love of nettle play, but searching online can still improve your chances much more than just asking around your local kink community. There’s also a range of other kinks that involving stinging with different objects, so you might be able to find common ground even with kinksters that have never experienced nettle play. Just remember that as with everything that can sting and cause a rash, you should approach nettle play with caution.

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