Triple Penetration

“One’s too few, three too many.”

-John Ray


When you have a girl who is an insatiable slut who wants all of her holes filled at the same time, it’s likely that triple penetration will occur, if there are three guys around who will put their cocks inside of her at the same time. It is usually considered triple penetration when one goes in her mouth, her pussy and her ass, but any combination of three dicks would be OK. This includes variations on double penetration, double anal and double vaginal in which two might be in her pussy and one might be in her ass, etcetera. The girls who like this have really elastic holes and they enjoy showing what is possible for the human body to achieve.

Reality VS. Fantasy

3P or Triple Penetration is often a fantasy that some real slutty girls have. They may not have much experience with threesomes or hole stretching activities. If you set up a threesome with that many people involved where it might be possible, then you should be prepared for disappointment. First of all, it does take some practice for the holes to get stretched out to that far point, so if she hasn’t been practicing, it might not happen. Second of all, you need to be careful because there is a distinct possibility of tearing from hole stretching triple penetration misadventure!

Bringing in Additional Fuck Friends

How do you find people to join you on such an occurrence? Well there are fetish social networking sites where you can meet other kinky people, as well as swinger dating sites where you can find people who are open to group sex experiences. If you want to invite your friends, you better make sure that they can handle that type of fun experience and that things won’t get weird for them or your girl.

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