Toilet Training

“Always go to the bathroom when you have a chance.”

-King George V


Toilet training is an extreme form of BDSM play that involves a deep level of submission, which can make this fetish arousing, though even some freak people think it is gross. During toilet training a submissive must ask whenever they want to go to the bathroom. They are not allowed to go except for when the Dominant offers permission. This is a form of high submission because the sub is surrendering their most basic human functions to their Dom. Subs who can’t control themselves may wear chastity devices which keep them from going until the Dom allows, or diapers to make accidents less disgusting to witnesses. There is also a great safety responsibility on the part of the Dom because bathroom use is something that everyone needs to stay healthy.

Making it Harder

Some people love to torment their subs even further, watching them eat heavy foods, take laxatives, or drink large volumes of liquid and then denying them the ability to go to the bathroom until the very last moment possible. These sadistic Doms enjoy hearing their bottoms beg for what most of us appreciate as a basic right. Sometimes couples use bathroom control as a form of punishment when the sub hasn’t done a good job in other areas of the relationship. Others enjoy seeing their subs wet themselves and that is part of the fetish for them. Failure by a sub to hold their water can be a reason for additional punishment, often in the form of spanking or similar physical and verbal reprimands. At times a Dom might rub their sub’s nose in the wet mess to train them better.

Social Responsibility

If you decide to have bathroom use control as part of your relationship, keep in mind that a sub will face serious repercussions if they end up wetting themselves at work or having accidents elsewhere in public. You should build in some kind of fail safe into your relationship so that your sub can use the bathroom if they are at their place of employment, if they are at the store, or visiting family. Another forgiveness many Doms like to give is if the sub is legitimately sick, they may use the bathroom as much as they want.

Graduation from Toilet Training

Ideally toilet training is a temporary form of play designed to demonstrate the severity of a Dom’s control over his sub until the sub accepts their place in the power structure of their relationship successfully. Extended periods of extreme toilet training are too often associated with unhealthy hygiene to be continued for too long. In some relationships a Dom will also host an elaborate ceremony, often attended by close friends, to honor their sub upon graduation from toilet training successfully.

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