“A love triangle is a threesome delayed.”

-Mokokoma Mokhonoana


Swinging is a lifestyle in which people who are in committed relationships enjoy swapping partners or having group sex with other like minded couples. It is different than other forms of non-monogamy because the members of the couples don’t necessarily try to have other loving relationships with people, they simply fuck them, usually in the presence of their partner, who may be a girlfriend/boyfriend or husband/wife. Many people find that swinging can invigorate a marriage in which the sex life have gone downhill.

Know the Terms

There are special terms that people who are into swinging know about, and you should familiarize yourself with them before diving in, so you’ll know what people are talking about. The most important ones are full swap and soft swap. Full swap means that the couples are willing to go all the way up to and including fucking. Soft swap means that the couple doesn’t want to have sex, but are open to other sex acts. They will usually specify their other boundaries to verify what acts they are OK with. It’s important to ask if someone is full swap or soft swap before engaging in play at a swinger’s party!

How to Get Into the Lifestyle

Many people have fantasies about swinging, but find it hard to figure out how to break into the lifestyle, which can seem like a clique. This is just not true as swingers are some of the most friendly and open-minded people you will ever meet! It’s recommended to check out a public swinger’s party, and make some friends there. Then you will meet people in the local community, and many of these players have private parties on their own time where more fun happens. This is how you can make long lasting friendships in the swinger community. If you don’t have a partner but are interested in swinging, you should try to meet people on special online dating sites just for those who are open to the lifestyle.

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