“Some people walk in the rain, others just get wet.”

-Roger Miller


Squirting involves a female participant engaging in sexual intercourse, either with a partner, or with toys, until they squirt from their vagina. The fluid from the woman’s vagina is squirted during an orgasm, and can also involve secretions from the skene’s glands, which are sometimes referred to as the female prostate.

All About Squirting

Squirting is portrayed in a number of adult films, with women having sexual intercourse until they are squirting large amounts of vaginal fluid all over their partner, or partners. Penetration is commonly involved in any attempts to squirt, but some women may be able to achieve it through oral sex depending on their level of sensitivity. Squirting can be achieved with different levels of intensity depending on the woman’s level of control, and how apt their body is to squirt to begin with. Not all women can squirt, but many can learn to over time. Many squirters can achieve it through fisting, with the intensity of the penetration being what can stimulate the squirting.

What To Do

If you’re interested in squirting or being with someone that squirts, there are many online discussions about it, as well as articles that you can read to learn more. You could connect with others online that love to engage in the act of squirting, and may be willing to help you learn how to squirt as well. If you are someone that wants to be with women that squirt, there will be plenty of women for you to engage with that will enjoy sharing their ability to squirt with you. It is considered a form of sexual baptism in some circles to be able to make a woman squirt through orgasming, and may be a very fun way for you to approach this sexual activity. Remember that squirting isn’t possible for every woman, so it’s not something to be expected, but is something to be cherished when you’re able to participate in it.

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