“True freeDom is impossible without a mind first made free by firm discipline.”

-Mortimer J. Adler


Spanking is best known as the act of striking the ass with a firm hand. Why is it so alluring to smack the ass of another until it glows bright red and warms to the touch? In more extreme cases, a serious spanking can leave the ass of the target purple with bruises. Spanking fetishists who are very dedicated to the cause are also known as “spankos.” Purists stick to hand-spanking only, while others extend their love of spanking to include implements. There has been heated debated for decades about whether Caning and things of that nature should be included as spanking with an object or classified separately from hand-only spanking.

Where to Strike

When spanking, it’s important to know basic anatomy first. It’s best to strike mostly on the fleshy part of the ass, where there is enough cushion to absorb the impact and deliver a sting rather than an injury. A common bit of advice passed from experienced Doms to novices is “never hit high”, meaning one should always avoid strikes near the hips where the ass meets the back. Horror stories of injury and health issues almost always stem from kidney damage caused by an inexperienced Dom wannabee with poor aim and far too more confidence than they should have had. As a Dom you should never miss your target… ever, and if you did somehow due to an earthquake or other natural disaster you would still want to go low to hit the thighs instead. Between the thighs inches away from her pussy and asshole are especially tender sweet spots capable of delivering excruciating pain that disappears as suddenly as it arrives.

Spanking Positions

When you are getting ready to spank someone, you may wonder just how to do it. Many people prefer the traditional over-the-knee (OTK) spanking position where the spankee submits by leaning over the lap of the spanker while holding their ass high in the air for a spanking. This is a great position for some, particularly because it involves the act of submission and acceptance prior to the start of the spanking. For many, witnessing a submissive quietly giving herself up to assume the position is even more erotic than the act of spanking itself. However, it’s not an easy position to remain in for an extended period of time for anyone who is out of shape, elderly or infirm. Other noteworthy positions include having someone lean forward on table, which supplies much more support, or simply lying down on a bed or massage table which provides access for the Dom without stressing the knees or flexibility of the willing but unable submissive.

Spanking Vs. Being Spanked

Novices are surprised to learn that almost every experienced Dom has been spanked in their past. This is a crucial difference between real Doms and those who pretend to be Dominant as a way to obscure their lack of self-esteem, confidence and masculinity. A real Dom is secure enough in their skin to willingness experiment with certain submissive behaviors as a way to learn what the other side of the equation experiences. Figuring out exactly the proper amount of force to exert, knowing how many smacks are sufficient and understanding the limits of your submissive becomes far easier when you have already crawled a mile in their predicament. There is a joy to spanking that only becomes unlocked once one has been spanked as well.

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