“I can fluently speak five languages: English, emoji, sexting, sarcasm and sass.”

-Tyler Oakley


Sexting is what happens when you have a love or lust interest, and you want to let them know you are interested in having sex with them, but you don’t want to call them up on the phone and you don’t have the time to meet up in person. So, you decide to sext them! It is when you do sexy texting that will pique their interest and could lead to something sexual later on. There are lots of tools to help with sexting like emojis and advice articles online, but it is really pretty easy.

Sexting Tips

When sexting, start out like phone sex, maybe ask, “what are you wearing” or simply send one of the emoji that can stand in for hot body parts. Some hints are that the eggplant represents the cock, the peach can represent the ass, and there are many others that you can creatively use to represent other body parts. Sexting is a delicate game and it’s best to check out how your sexting partners respond to things before you go further, so don’t overwhelm them with too many hot texts before they have texted you back.

Nudes Are Forever!

A lot of times when people sext they send hot nude pics, but be aware that is a somewhat dangerous activity. Only send nudes to someone that you really trust and only if you think they are responsible enough to not leave their phone around someone who might want to snoop inside of it. Sexting pics are not a good idea to send if you have a relationship that requires discretion, like an affair or something like that. Remember – nudes are forever and you can’t take them back once you have sent them, so make sure that you really want to send it!

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