“Your clothes should be tight enough to show you’re a woman.”

-Marilyn Monroe


Spandex fetish is pretty clear on what it is simply from the name. It is a fetish for people who love to see someone else in spandex, or for those who like to wear spandex. Luckily for these fetishists, spandex is quite affordable and easy to attain. It is often used in fitness gear, and some people have come across this fetish from seeing hot girls at the gym or on their bikes around town. It’s also possible that seeing sexy gymnasts or circus performers in their leotards brings on the fetish too. Most agree that anyone wearing a skintight spandex outfit is hot, these fetishists just take their love of the material a bit further than most.

The Joys of Spandex

The reason why this fetish is so popular is that it is just so simple to enact. Go down to your closest big box store and you will find tons of spandex garments, probably for very cheap. Leggings, which are in style now, and tank tops for fitness are almost always made of the revolutionary stretchy material. Some spandex fetishists have an affinity for a certain garment, which may make it a bit harder to easily find the clothes that will help you get off, but it is still not impossible. Some enjoy tight spandex turtlenecks, while others enjoy full body suits.

Other Skin Tight Materials

Darlexx is a unique material that is also loved by some spandex fetishists who also love bondage. It is thicker and more durable, making it available for some more nefarious uses than simply sporting it to tease and tantalize. Others who enjoy nylon stockings and Lycra garments will find friends in the spandex fetishist community. They are basically enjoying the same skintight qualities through different materials. Some have a strong preference for one material over another, but most just like to see a body’s hot curves through barely there clothing.

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