“You don’t call them strippers, they’re dancers.”

-Jackson Burnett


Everyone knows what a stripper is. It’s a girl who dances around for money. She dances in a sexy and alluring way. She knows how to work it and she makes guys drool over her hot moves. However, strippers can play a part in any relationship whether it is from getting a girl to come over and dance for you or by having one of the members of the relationships learn some hot and sexy moves themselves. You can have a blast by bringing in some rhythm to any relationship whether you are good at dancing or not.

Going to the Strip Club

Going to the slub can be a great idea for a date with someone who you already know that you have sexual chemistry with. Take them out, just make sure you have plenty of single dollar bills in your pocket because that is how you tip the strippers who are doing a very good job. If you and your date get up the courage maybe you can also go o the stage and take it all off! Strip clubs are fun, just make sure that you treat the girls who are dancing with a bit of respect in addition to admiration.

Learning the Moves

Other couples would prefer to learn the stripping moves at home. If you do that, there are videos you can watch and most major cities have at least one class you can take. Learn how to wow your lover by giving them a lap dance, or heck, start up a whole new career that will take you places you never imagined. Stripping is really fun and you can also get in shape from learning how to pole dance.

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