“Excuse the mess, but we live here.”

-Roseanne Barr


Sploshing is what happens when people start taking chances and decide to get messy. It is also known as wet and messy or WAM. People do all sorts of crazy things to get their WAM on. They take baths in all sorts of condiments and dump gross things all over their heads. People who are dedicated to messy fetishes often have a room or booth in their house dedicated to making big messes so they don’t get ketchup or cake all over the furniture. People like this fetish for many reasons. Some simply like the feeling of getting messy and find that it turns them on. Some fetishists don’t even get their groove on when getting messy because cleaning raw eggs out of your holes doesn’t sound too much fun.

Get Messy

Don’t be afraid to get messy. You don’t have to jump into sploshing headfirst. You can just do some small things to get a little bit tasty in a sex session. Start with a whipped cream bikini or by feeding your partner some cake but getting it on their face a little bit. Then you should lick it off which will lead to some very good times. Other ideas include giving massages with olive oil or taking a bath that involves some type of sticky substance like honey or chocolate. You can always bring a bit of mess to try sploshing but not get too into it if you’re trying to figure out what you like.

Be Careful

Be careful when you’re playing with food near holes because you could be creating a recipe for a yeast infection. Make sure to clean any pussies very thoroughly after playing with food, and also, inserting food into the anus is never a good plan. You should only put toys into your butt if they have a base and most foods simply do not! Save yourself a trip to the ER and don’t stick that strawberry up your bum hole.

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