“Cowgirl is a spirit, a special brand of courage. The cowgirl faces life head on, lives by her own lights, and makes no excuses.”

-Dale Evans


Cowgirls are the ride ‘em hard girls of the Wild West and this term means even more in the bedroom, referring to a sexual position where the Cowgirl is riding on top of a thick dick, bucking her hips like the events at the wildest rodeo and screaming. This is a great sexual position because the girl can control the action and many women have amazing orgasms this way. Women like this because the cock can touch the g-spot if it is curved in just the right way and they can also easily rub their clits at the same time.

Reverse Cowgirl

Reverse cowgirl is the same thing as cowgirl except instead of the girl sitting on top facing her male lover; she sits turned around the other way. This gives the body a whole new feeling for both partners as it stimulates different parts of both her vagina and his cock. This one is cool because she can even layback and relax with the guy’s cock inside of her and make the sexy times even more fun. Either one is great for the guy because he either gets a great view of her boobs or her butt!

Trying Positions

When you’re having sex, especially with someone new, it’s important to try new positions and to get it on in different ways. If you’ve never tried this position before, give it a shot! It’s not that out of the box and it can make you and your lover have a new experience. There are a whole lot more positions than this to try and you can even create your own for a great sexual time. You can go through the whole Kama Sutra if you want!

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