“Use a condom. The world doesn’t need another you.”

-Caroll Bryant


A condom is an object that people wear to prevent transmission of STIs and pregnancy. Most of the time it is guys who wear them, but there are female condoms as well. Condoms are usually made out of latex, but since some people are allergic to that, there are also non-latex material alternatives. There are even condoms made out of sheepskin, which is the original material they were made out of way back when. Most people believe that latex condoms or the mainstream non-latex options work the best, but the sheepskin condoms are certainly an experience to be had.

Condom Excuses

Lots of guys say they don’t like condoms because they dull the sensation when fucking or they are too uncomfortable. They can come up with all sorts of excuses not to wear one. If you really want your partner to wear one, tell them that no condom = no sex. Wearing condoms is really effective in preventing STIs and pregnancy, and quite important for your sexual health, especially if you are with a new partner who hasn’t gotten tested in a while. Protect yourself by wearing condoms. It’s the smart thing to do!

Make it Sexy

If you think condoms aren’t sexy, you just haven’t made them sexy yet. They can be a sensual part of the sexual encounter. You can try putting the condom on your partner as part of the foreplay. You can also get flavored condoms which are great for lubing up a cock with some oral sex before the main event happens. If you try any of these tips, you’ll see that condoms don’t have to be a boner killer as some people would have you think – they can be a boner grower!

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