Corporal Punishment

“I doubt whether classical education ever has been, or can be, successfully carried out without corporal punishment.”

-George Orwell


Corporal punishment is a real life activity that still goes on sometimes, but in this case, we are talking about the fetish activity that relates to BDSM play. It usually encompasses a rigid method of caning and/or paddling used in role-play scenarios of discipline. The situations are often times naughty college students who need to be punished until bruised on their asses and moaning, or sometimes the tables get turned and it’s the headmaster who needs a good paddling.

Setting the Scene

Before you agree to do corporal punishment play, you should talk seriously with your play partner to make sure everyone is on the same page. You should talk about if you find getting marks on your bum acceptable, so your partner can choose implements and strength that won’t be likely to do so. You should talk about a safe word, so that if the pain should get too intense, the sub can stop things on a dime.

Fantasy Ideas

Don’t relegate your corporal punishment fantasies to be in a college classroom setting. There are many other venues where caning and flogging take place to instill discipline in someone. Fraternities and sororities are another university-based fantasy for corporal punishment, and they even have their own paddles, traditionally. There are also military and police fantasies where high up officers use corporal punishment to teach the lower guys a good lesson. It’s nice to get creative with CP (short for corporal punishment) fantasies because it adds some pep to your bruising and caning routine.


For your corporal punishment scenes, there are many different types of things you can use. Canes are probably the most harsh but also the most popular implement to be used in CP scenes. They are thin, and usually made of wood, and they leave some serious welts on the ass. The next most popular item are paddles. These can be made of leather or wood, softer with a resounding thud or harder with a sudden sting. Floggers are not quite as popular for this purpose because a higher level of expertise is necessary to accurately tune the level of punishment being administered with each strike.

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